VIDEO ~ all things German! (Ok, maybe not the lederhosen this time…)

Pretzels... Beers... Autobahns... Lederhosen... Steins... Football... Mustaches... Castles... Roadsigns... Campervans... Ohhhh the list of all things German goes on and on! A video compilation of our time in Germany... We have visited the following places in the past 3 weeks on our first leg of Germany and they all play a part in this video … Continue reading VIDEO ~ all things German! (Ok, maybe not the lederhosen this time…)

Schwerin ~ a city surrounded by lakes

This beautiful & unique city is the capital and the oldest and 2nd largest city of the Mecklenburg-vorpommern state and established as early as 1062 Population = 95,668 approx Schwerin is surrounded by lakes and in the 11th c. There was a settlement of Slavic peoples, Henry the Lion defeated this tribe and the town … Continue reading Schwerin ~ a city surrounded by lakes


This little town is located on tbe Itz River in the Upper Franconia Region in the state of Bavaria Population = 41,071 Coburg was first mentioned in a monastic document dated 1056 One of Germanys largest castles is located here, Veste Corburg. Lucky for us European fanatics, Coburg was not damaged during the war so … Continue reading Coburg

Erfurt ~ 25 Churches in the city centre alone!

Erfurt is the largest city in the state of Thuringia in central Germay. It has a population of 211,113 The old town is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Germany, you really feel like you are on a movie set while here I couldn't believe when I read this but there are 25 … Continue reading Erfurt ~ 25 Churches in the city centre alone!

Leipzig ~ A hipster economic hub

Wow seriously what a city, not only does it look nice but from what I learnt, Leipzig is one of the most livable cities in Germany and has the 2nd best future prospects of all cities in Germany! Leipzig also has one of the most modern zoos in Europe and the best in Germany... also … Continue reading Leipzig ~ A hipster economic hub