Veste Coburg (Coburg Castle)
Entry : €8

One of the most well preserved and largest castles in Germany

€8 entry if you choose to view the inside – well worth it!! It took us a full 4 hours to finish everything

Walking to the castle the scenery was beautiful….

Walking to the castle took around 40mins as we walked through a beautiful park through the city and up the hill, first seeing the castle was a shock as it looked fake! Its one of the biggest castles in Germany

This really is such a beauty of a castle! I’ve been in many castles and explored and this one I really felt like it gave me a good glimpse into.gothic castle life as well as later on Renaissance life, teaching the viewer how the equipment worked in case of a seige or how they would live every day life…

The first fortification constructed on this site was in the 10th C. And there were 2 massive renovations in 1838 as well as 1906, there were continuous additions and changes made throughout the centuries and you can tell by the different styles, it stands out immediately

The hill which the castle stands on has been inhabited from the neolithic days, there have been excavations to prove this

Every view of this castle was breathtaking!

Coburg castle was first mentioned in documentation in 1056, the property was gifted for creation of an Abbey on the site which was then built in 1075

There was practically a 360d view from the castle over the countryside of Germany

Interesting thing… Where Coburg stands was once a town called Trufalistat and was on a major trade route from Nuremburg via Erfurt to Leipzig

The artillery room at the attic of one part of the castle
The heating stove inside one of the bedrooms
The huge beautiful wooden doors have so much love and care put into the making of them

Some “interesting” torture chamber equipment…

Started raining which really added to the atmosphere!

The castle had many parts to it and you really had to look or else you could miss a part of the castle

For my reference, taken from google an overhead shot of the castle

I loved exploring this castle, there was so much to see and learn and I loved that a portion of it had been turned into a museum, it was so good to see how they used to live