About Jazz

So, If I had one… Curiosity would be my middle name

I have traveled to 73 countries so far, lost count of how many cities, towns and villages I’ve explored (but I’m putting something together to keep track as I’m sure its way over 1,000)  the map in my head is coloured for those 73 countries and where I have been but still in black and white and unexplored for the remainder… the colour slowly spreads…

With this Blog I simply want to show that traveling is not intimidating or difficult. I love sharing my travel lust with others and helping them get hooked too… I see traveling as an investment and an education and an overall eye opener. Its humbled me and made me who I am and a much stronger person

I live and experience life through my travels and not just by reading or googling it. I have exchanged so many stories with locals from all around the world and found that money does not equal happiness (visit Brunei & Vanuatu for e.g.)

I hope to collect some unique stories which I can babble on about while I’m sitting on the patio of my nursing home while knitting a scarf and trying to put my dentures back in! 😛

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Happy Travels!