Date – 12 & 13 JUNE 2018
Rivierpark Wischlingen, Dortmund
Site code : 64313
11euro + 1 for electricity
24euro for x 2 nights

This campervan spot was our 2nd overnight on our trip and where we learnt the most about using our van, first time we saw a dumping station and electricity connection, had to learn how to reverse and guide in to the water station to fill it up (we tried that a few times so due to the quiet and large camping site we were happy to learn here!)

We stayed on the outskirts at a carpark for Campervans and connected to a beautiful green park


Transport from the van park to Dortmund city centre via S Bahn

We were pretty excited and nervous at the same time as our adventure had started and we were on our own and having to learn along the way! which is exciting…
Lunch in the van, starting to really love it! The space seems small but its actually not and 3 people can freely move around the van without feeling constricted
Lunch was salad, chips and dips and awesome german beer
This was the first time we had seen a machine like this on our trip! and we were to see many similar to it along our 3 months campervanning – this was to dump the toilet cache and add water to the van – we had to ask for help for our first go from someone else staying there and we got the hang of it easily
The electricty machine where we put in 1euro for 8 hours or so – we were excited once we got this hooked up and working on our own!
Breakfast in the van the first morning being in Dortmund

All in all, this van site was pretty basic, we were glad that it was large and there werent many people so we could start learning about our van and how to use it. Its a bit of a trek also to get into the city but for our needs it was good enough and we enjoyed getting to learn about the transport system and it was sort of an introduction to Germany which made us more confident and I loved how simple it was, took a bit of pressure off as its 50 x easier than traveling around Aus IMO, public transport is awesome in europe!