Rating: 1 out of 5.

Mulheim an der Ruhr
Free carpark
Parking, Mulheim – site code : 9153
1 x night

Basic of basics stopover for the night, its just a car park, with my extensive research I did i chose this spot for quite a few reasons:

  • It was close to McRent so we didnt have to drive far as I knew we would need to settle in and unpack and get to know the van better
  • It was 5mins from Aldi and another supermarket
  • It was quiet and in the back streets of the backstreets of Dusseldorf / Mulheim – we werent so confident driving yet so didnt want to be stuck in a busy place

Mulheim is also described as a “City on the River”, and is in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. It is home to many companies, especially in the food industry, such as the Aldi Süd

Mülheim received its town charter in 1808, and 100 years later the population exceeded 100,000, making Mülheim officially a city. At the time of the city’s 200th anniversary with approximately 170,000 residents, it is one of the smaller cities in Germany.

This really was a great choice for the above reasons and I was so happy I did the research beforehand to find this place as it was our first time renting a campervan and driving on the other side of the road, if its one thing I can say is if its your first time to make sure you do your research for the first week of your trip so you know where you will be stopping while you are learning about your van.
I just loved our van! we were still so excited that it was an auto and that it was brand new and so shiny lol
We parked in a car spot then some guy walking past said we should move down to the camper van side as the parking spots were much bigger! We were so relieved! We had NO IDEA Europe was so well equipped for campervans! We were becoming more and more excited to begin our adventure than worried, seems like everyone accepts camper vans
We got here fiarly late in the afternoon as we stayed at McRent and unpacked and cloaded the van and got ready, we were a tad nervous too so we took our time lol
When we parked here and noticed it was mainly a business area here with not many houses so it was perfect


ARGHHH!! I hate knowing what Aldi is like in Europe compared to Australia! There are SOOOOOOO many more options of everythinggggg here in Germany and everything is so CHEAP in comparison. I kept taking photos of all the products just to keep note of the price for memory

Wines were SO cheap, even the australian wines, 2.99euro for a bottle of wine! and the were good too


So we christened the van and had its first dinner EVER inside!

Everything worked perfectly, the water, the gas stove and the fridge we were so happy with, perfect size for the 3 of us and we just felt so at home instantly

We had salad and vegetables with mushroom caserole for dinner with, of course, wine and some German beer!

This campsite is really good if you are hiring from McRent. Good place to get your barings, get your shopping done and then start off on your adventure – it really is just a carpark so dont expect too much – but it worked perfectly for our needs for the night