PICKUP POINT – Dusseldorf, Germany
(cheapest pickup location I could find in Europe)
INFO – Pick up / drop off at same location

CAMPERVAN MODEL – Dethlefts T 7057 Camper (AUTO)


Oh mein Gott!!!

This is the latest brand new version of the Dethlefts Trend 7057 motorhome… Literally… It’s at 0 KMs when we picked it up… I have researched so many hours of my life about campervans and compared and I never found an automatic as all of Europe basically use manual transmission and it’s cheaper but we were Soooooo lucky to have got the only auto in the place! the guy was apologising to us.. we were pretty happy with our luck

Here is a quick intro to our van from the outside… Sorry, I sound really excited… It’s cos… I am! 😂

We caught the local BUS 752 @ 11:54am to MARKENSTRASSE, Mulheim which took around 1hr 10mins to get to the outskirts of Dusseldorf town at around 1:15pm (after 45 stops!) and all through the back streets, but TBH I didnt care I was too excited, you experience a lot with this way of travel, not only is it cheaper than a taxi but you get to see how the locals live… love it!

I love maps… so seeing all these campervans from above excites me lol

Short walk from the bus stop to McRent
This was the exact type of Campervan we had – that price is around $100k AU for a brand new model
Next time I do this ill def buy some bikes to take with me as well

Jorj looked after us and It took us over an hour to sign for the van, go over all the details, give our information over and we then spent another 1hr at the van yard unpacking our bags and putting everything in its place.

We were taught how to change the dirty water, the gas bottles if need be, take out the toilet and how to dump it, everything else we basically had to learn on the go – to be honest, we were a bit nervous as to what to expect, I really didnt realise just how easy and amazing the campervanning system is in Europe… European are DAMN LUCKY! its made for RV lovers!

Packing and making this our home
Shopping from the nearby ALDI

After our excited start we drove only 10mins to our first night stop – luckily I had planned the first week as I had an idea that we were going to be a bit confused and disorientated for the first few days getting used to the driving on the “wrong” side of the road, the road signs, the large vehicle… its all new to us!

Just to add… This is our first dinner in our RV 🙂

And the sunset at 10:30pm was just so pretty…

It’s amazing to drive in Germany, the roads are made for campervans and we are learning so much as we go along! Luckily I have all these apps and did a bit of research before hand learning about the road rules and the campervan spots…