Don’t be rude… I meant with cake… the cakes were just unbelievable here, I mean, we kept going back and bought more to take to the campervan with us! We had a slice each there and shared it all but how good must it be that my highlight photo of Dortmund is FOOD

DATE – 12 JUNE 2018
RV PARK – Rivierpark Wischlingen – site code: 64313 – 24euro 2 nights

We filled petrol today – 100euro 91.48 per litre)
2,585 steps only

Dortmund is a city in the North Rhine Westphalia

Population = 601,400 making it the 8th largest by area and population in the Ruhr area

Founded around 882. Throughout the 13th and 14th c. It was the chief city of the area and known for its coal, steel and beer and for this reason was hit hardest by the bombs in WWII

An interesting fact about this… the bomb raid happened on 13th march 1945 and destroyed 98% of the city centre, the raids were done by more than 1,100 aircrafts and holds the record for a single target hit in WWII

Dortmund is home to Borussia Dortmund, German football team

Campervan park ~ Revierpark €11 and additional for filling water and €1 for 1kilowat of electricity

We had our awesome van breakfast (better than any restaurant you could ever get! thanks to our “personal” cook ;P) and headed off into the city…


Tram into the city centre

The public transport system is amazing in Germany, if there isnt a bus or a tram theres a train or the subway, its a great system! We have tried all modes of transportation and they have been fantastic and on time and also affordable

Tram stop Marten Süd 20min walk from campervan park

This trip… U44 Tram – €1.70 each to Dortmund city centre and took around 22mins – to station Dortmund Wickede

The tram stop has its own monitor where it tells you when the next tram is coming and the end destination of that tram, much like the London Tube (but london tube is better in my eyes 🙂

Ticket machines are fairly easy to use here in Germany

The system is based on TRUST (wow huh?!) the government TRUSTS their own people to purchase their tickets and stamp them as well… on the other hand if you get caught you get a nice fine

We jumped on the tram and bought our tickets on the tram itself using this machine which has english translation as well, phew… and then there is a stamping machine which stamps the date on the ticket – you MUST stamp the ticket or you get a fine even if you have bought the ticket, reason behind this is that these tickets are interchangable and can be used on the other modes of transport, like the S bahn or train, its only until you stamp it that you use if

From my understanding,  becuase the transport system in Germany is regional, a ticket for the S bahn or underground is usually valid for other means of transport as well, that means a ticket bought at an S-Bahn station is also valid for buses, the U-Bahn, or trams, as long as you use it within two hours of your purchase

Dortmund Transport System

The weather is cold and breezy, at nights it does get very cold maybe 10degrees, it’s cold but getting slowly warmer…. Very slowly… Days are warm but nights very cold

Driving on the autobahn was an experience! It was very similar to Sydney motorways but every once in a while a car zooms past at around 160km or more! It’s nuts, but they also have a lot of traffic going on but we were driving at around 6pm during the week so I guess that’s office traffic going home to have a Weissbier!

Dortmund city centre map

We experienced our first German bakery!! we didnt know which cake to buy 😦 Their bakeries are so nicely coloured and the cakes are so fresh and affordable!

We started exploring this city really enjoyed the cute place with its normal amount of churches! (i.e. no less than 4 in the city centre itself) and also did a bit of shopping

Catholic Parish of St Johannes


The small details of the buildings are just fantastic and so detailed, this man on his horse was a tiny sculpture on a shop sign


Even the drain gutters are beautiful and artistic in Germany!


After a half day of walking around, eating, relaxing and sightseeing we decided to head back and have dinner in our van

Return ticket back to our camping grounds



I liked Dortmund but not to the extent where its historical buildings and city centre knocked my socks off