Rating: 2 out of 5.

Date – 14 & 15 JUN, 2018
Found via – Campercontact app
Info – Parkplatz Muhlenhof Munster

2 X night – FREE – no amenities

2 star only because it was a car park also it was quite noisy when a game was on in the field nearby and the carpark filled up but generally quiet after everyone has left – if walking to the city centre its a bit of a walk but if u had bikes would be much quicker

we didnt really want to drive into the city so found this free spot outside the city near the zoo
This was basically a carpark for the soccer field nearby – it was nice and empty so no issues with parking
Drone view
There were no toilets here but we just walked over to the soccer field and there were brand new toilets there for the sport teams to use so we just used them, werent too many ppl around so worked out well
the parking spot was near a beautiful large green park, the Munster Zoo and an open air museum of old buildings
Dinner in the van
a good breakie before heading out on our adventure
the map of greater munster – our van was parked at the blue dot – the star shape is the current uni of munster which used to be a castle – my blog post for this is below if you are curious about the castle:
the path near our campervan spot heading towards the city of munster – a good 20-25min beautiful walk
The open aiwhere they show you how those who lived 400 years ago used to live, some of the buildings are original and moved here for the museum, its really interactive and interestingr museum
Über unser Museum

Munster city exploration blog here: