formerly known as Schloss Munster

Officially known as Fürstbischöfliches Schloss Münster

Area : Munster
State : North Rhine Westphalia
Dates : 14th / 15th June 2018

Architecture : Baroque
Style : Mansion built with Baumberger sandstone
Timeline : 18th c.

This original building was built as a Schloss and as the residence for the Duke-bishop of Munster

Built between 1767 and 1787 and in a beautiful Baroque style of that area using the typical Baumberger sandstone of Munster

The front side of the former castle
I love the star shape the moat makes aroun the whole castle site and the gardens in the middle… so beautiful!

University of Münster

… a short walk to Munster city centre

Since 1954 this beautiful building has been the seat and the landmark of the Westphalian Wilhelms University

These students are so lucky to have a university which was a former castle! I hope they appreciate it! and not only a castle, but it has a beautoful garden space outside where they can sit in and enjoy

The garden at the back of the Castle
The garden is quite a large space behind the building and is open to all to visit
The greenhouse in the garden area – mum loved it here! especially with her green thumb!
Gorgeous lily pads

There are more than 43,000 students and over 120 fields of study in 15 departments and several of the courses are taught in English


The Uni has its roots in the Munster Jesuit College which was founded in 1588 and the convent of lay sisters Liebfrauen-Überwasser, founded in 1040 of which it took its seal. The convent was dissolved in 1773 and its funds were used to found the Uni of Munster 16 April 1780

The seal of the Uni of Munster

In 1631, Pope Urban VIII and Emperor Ferdinand II issued privileges, allowing the establishment of a university in Münster. However, due to a lack of funding, they were only put to use in 1780, when the modern University of Münster was founded with four faculties: 


In 1843, it was renamed to Royal Theological and Philosophical Academy (or Munster Academy) and in 1907 given the name it has now by Emporer Wilhelm II of Germany

The Uni was given its name by Emporer Wilhelm II

There is so much to do as a Uni student here!
They offer more than 100 sport courses, tours, further education, international tournaments, there is a cultural assisting those students who have a muscial creativity either in theatres or orchestra interests

Munster is ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world!
There are over 1000 bars and clubs in the city alone

The outside of the building is just beautiful and artistic, you can see so much love has gone into building this gorgeous facade
We went inside and to the basement of the building just to take a look, quite dank and dark but still interesting – I cant help but imagine what it was like down here when it was a castle and what they used this room for


I absolutely love the intricate detailing on top of the windows, I would love to find out the meaning of them or who the statues are based on

We were all so shocked at what a beautiful building it was and its surroundings and just how lucky the students are to be able to study and attend a building with such beauty and history behind its doors