Dates : 16th – 17th June 2018
Caravan park : Reisemobilplatz Am Kuhhirten
15 euros for 1 night until 2pm inc. Electricity
Water = 1euro for 80-100 litres / 10c for 5-10 litres
Showers = 1euro for 5mins
Country : Germany
State : Bremen

The first time i visited Bremen was in 2009. It was when I lived in London and the airlines were just SO cheap and one of them was having a sale for 20 pound return flights, so I closed my eyes, pointed a finger at the screen, and chose the city where my finger landed and it happened to be Bremen!

So, I had no idea about this city and just thought I’d randomly go explore, and what I saw made me fall in love with it and I knew at some stage I was going to return… and this was my 2nd chance!


We arrived at this campervan spot a bit later than we would like as we had a full morning or visitng a few castles, so when we got there the park was pretty full, but luckily we got a spot and it was very tricky to park it! It was also our first time to do a reverse park into a small spot between 2 vans… and the germans could sense this as well so they were feeling nervous and stood outside to watch

The owners of the van infront of us were so nice and they could thankfully speack english so they came out to help us and dad actually did a great job in reverse parking this beast and we made time to relax after all the excitement!

Breakfast for one of the days – Eggs and sausages


Well known for the Town Musicians of Bremen, its a popular fairy tale by the Grimm Brothers and the statue in bremen of the Musicians is so popular you have to stand in line to take a photo with it

Its a story of 4 aging domestic animals who have been mistreated decide to run away and become town musicians in Bremen, the characters never actually arrive in Bremen, they trick and scare of a group of robbers, grabbing their loot and moving into their house, its a cute feel good children’s story that made these 4 characters very famous lol

The walk over to the city centre


Ahhh Bremen, its been a while since Ive seen you! The last time I was here I was living in London and had never heard of Bremen, looked up Easyjet sales and found a 20pound flight to Bremen, I thought, YEAH… WHY NOT!? and decided to go for the weekend on my own and D*MN I wasnt disapppointed! This random trip is what started my love for Germany, and now its one of my top 5 favourite countries in the world for me

I love the little details in everything about Europe…. even the cover of the drain holes are pretty in some way!

Bremen has around 570,000 people and is the 11th largest city in Germany


The gorgeous Schnoor area

Bremen’s oldest district, dates back to 15th and 16th c houses and so incredible to walk around and explore the nooks and crannies

The half timbered houses are now used as shops and some of the old pubs are still there, had some beer and read up about the history of this amazing city!


There are 111 “string”of buildings (which is where the word “Schnoor”came from) that line the street


Locals are so proud of this ancient little area and im not surprised, the medieval quarter is all packed squashed with these cute little buildings and many shops are so small that onyl a few people can get inside at the one time but thats the charm of this place! I just couldnt get enough and wandering around a few times and funny enough, each time saw a new little detail or someting else to take a photo of!


I did end up getting a bit too excited and when I swung around to take a picture of something I knocked off one of the cute pot plants off one of the tables of the shop and felt so bad and was on my hands and knees helping them clean up the dirt and the poor red flowers all over the floor… umm whoops!


Luckily, during the war this area wasnt ruined and so some of the buildings date back to the middle ages! I dont think there is another city in Germany has an area like this that still exists so its one in a mill

The pretzels are HUGE and lovely!
The details! I went exploring and I found the most intricate details on the old buildings
The little back streets of he city centre were full of people and bike riders, people really love this city, I could tell because everyone was really appreciating trhe details of the buildings (usually Im always the wierd one standing outside buildings examining the details lol)
More fountain details
The choir was singing in the main Cathedral, it was heavenly to listen to them
The history! argh…
The details! argh…

I love this old market square of Bremen, ive sat here for hours with a coffee and people watched – its amazing the detail and history in one small place, the sights, the smells and the sounds, its so hard for me to drag myself away from this area, I kept looking back over my shoulder while walking off windering when I would be back again… I know I will be at some stage

The writing on the wall… so unique and charming
Traditional German sausages are sold here and they have such great fries!
More gorgeous fountain details
Every little detail seems to matter! this fountain once was a fountain for horses to drinkfrom, the details just amaze me, I was taking photos here for around 20mins I couldnt get away lol


The world cup was on so it was a busy time around Europe and it was so nice to actually be awake when the games were on, so we sat in a crowded pub and watched the game that was on that day, it was so popular, geez these germans love their football, they were getting so emotional! and there was literally no space in any pub so we had to stand in some places

German beer…. THE BEST!


The Böttcherstraße area

The Böttcherstraße area was a delight to stumble upon!
Its only around 100m long and its famous for its really unusual architecture and one of the places you cant miss when you visit Bremen

The buildings are in a really unusal Expressionist style and really interesting little dead end little streets with random bits and pieces of art scattered around, a delight for curious souls like myself

You cant find many experessionist style buildings like this around – really interesting brick work


Market Square is the heart of the city centre and geez its beautiful!

St Peters Cathedral is the main attraction and right across is the Town Hall

The Statue of Roland Stands here which represents the freedom of this gorgeous city (UNESCO World Heritage status)

Market Square

Some of my favourite statues are located here in Bremen and “guard”the Town Hall in the city centre, the statues are so realistic and I just love them

Cant get enough of the Town Hall and some of my fav statues – the real talented artists have left this world, there will never be art like this created ever again


A beautiful early gothic cathedral from the 13th c. I love this cathedral! the crypts are the oldest areas of this building and amazing to explore

This city is full of art and wonder
Nice and clean of people… took me ages to get this shot! This city is very popular especially among the Germans themselves

I most definitely recommend visiting this gorgeous city (If you havent picked up so far from this blog post LOL) Its full of life, so much buzz and atmosphere and LIFE! Its a city full of art and noise and makes you just feel so happy to be alive and being able to experience it all – I would recommend a good 4-5 days to really be able to explore and relax here and take it all in