Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Date – 14 & 15 JUN, 2018
Found via – Campercontact app

2 X night
15 euros for 1 night until 2pm inc. Electricity
Water = 1euro for 80-100 litres / 10c for 5-10 litres
Showers = 1euro for 5mins


If you are curious to see what Bremen looks like, check out this blog post:

Location was great but a very popular site! we were lucky to get the last spot as we got there at 5:30 – a beautiful 15min walk to town

We learnt our lesson here NOT to arrive late at the campsite for many reasons – the popular sites get full very quickly from early afternoon and also the fact that parking the van can be hard at night if there are a lot of campervans around and space is tight

As you can see, it was a tight fit between the 2 neighbouring campervans – this was our first time reverse parking so we attaracted a crowd and a bit of stress to not hit the other vans
Breakfast on one fo the days
The following day people started leaving
We are happy and settled in now!

Made friends with one of our neighbours who could speak english and they helped us out with some tips and hints about campervanning around germany

The waterside walk towards the city centre
Electricity is charged at a rate of 50c per kwt
Overview map view of the park – 90 spaces for campervans
The reception area had a lot of info – also included was daily bread delivery service (one of my fav things about german campervan sites :))
Dont miss the sign!
The carpark area has many entrances but when you get inside its really tight! We found it a real light squeeze to get to our spot 3 rows down
Reception area and toilets / showers etc

All in all a good spot, we were glad we got a spot here due to the fact that it was nice and close to the city mainly – I had my eye on this vansite from the beginning of the trip!