Date : June 16th – on our way to Bremen
Castle Type : Niederungsburg (a castle which lies in a valley / lowlands)

Style : Renaissance
Area : Havixbeck

Suburb : Roxel
Construction : Baumberger Sandstone / Brick tile

I kept looking at trying to find castles along the way to ANY of our destinations (I’m THAT obsessed with castles and architecture that I will get out of my to see one) and I came upon this small one and curiosity took over.

The drive to the castle was through beautiful green and yellow tinged fields
Parked out van in car park right outside, there is always plenty of room around Germany for campervans, I LOVE it! Cars one side, campers the other

It was only 20mins from Munster and I was intrigued with the location of this castle and what this castle would look like. With my extensive research of German castles, they were mainly high on hills or mountains and having driven a bit in this area, it was more farmlands and countryside here and very flat

So curiosity got me (yet again) – I noticed when i zoomed in on the map, that there were many tiny little blue lines which obviously looked like waterways, I couldnt really see them when driving past as they were mainly in the green fields but it was enough for me to change the route to check out what was happening here! lol

The little blue water way lines sparked my curiosity
Aerial view of the gorgeous water castle

The castle was first mentioned in 11th c. and is a typical moated castle. It was owned by the Barons Droste zu Hulshoff from 1417 to 2012, they are said to be descended from the Counts of Tecklenburg.

There were many different additons to the buildings in different eras, giving its unique look

The old stables of the castle – I can see a nice B&B here actually 🙂
Its now used as a museum and function centre – there was a baptism when we visited and the family were all dressed up and celebrating at the restaurant over looking the water – it was beautiful!

Just being in this area with the castle behind me and the ducks wandering around in their own little world, people celebrating in the nearby restaurant, not having to report into anyone or show up to work, at this moment, I felt so relaxed and comfortable here I just didnt want to leave!

Burg Huelshoff Duncker Collection