COUNTRY – Germany

CAMPINGSITE – Stellplatz Querstrasse Leipzig – A normal city carpark full of locals parking their cars to go to work – 15EURO for the day – No water / No electricity / No toilet


This camping site was literally just a busy city car park – we were lucky to even find a spot and it was free until 8am in the morning, if you stayed after that you are charged for the full day, so we ended up paying 15EURO but only stayed until around 9am so we got rorted! anyways, we didnt mind as we had our fill of Leipzig and onto new adventures!

Small carpark which got filled up very quickly! We were lucky to have found a spot

Wow seriously what a city, not only does it look nice but from what I learnt, Leipzig is one of the most livable cities in Germany and has the 2nd best future prospects of all cities in Germany! Leipzig also has one of the most modern zoos in Europe and the best in Germany… also its the fastest growing city and nicknamed “the new Berlin”… ummm I think im jealous…

This city is the most populated city in the federal state of Saxony and the 10th most populous city in Germany, you can really feel a different vibe compared to the smaller villages of Germany that we visited

Population – 582,277 (1.1m in the larger urban district)

Yes… we pack our own lunch sometimes 🙂

We decided to make our own lunch today and take it with us, great idea as we bought coffee and had our lunch people watching in the square which is one of my favourite things to do! (cant do it sitting in a restaurant) we also have a fridge so why not!? saves on money to spend somewhere else too


Leipzig reminds me a bit of Melbourne, trams rule the city centre and shuffle people around, there are only 2 skyscrapers though here and we paid 3 euro to climb to the top of the highest at 32 floors to look at the city from the top, I really do love how the buildings arent high and each has its own unique identity and beauty


This square is one of the largest city squares in Germany at 40,000 m2 and its the central area for the leipzig tram network (which is bloody brilliant btw!)

Universitatiskirche St. Pauli

Consecrated 1240 ~ Blown up 1968

The facade of this building has a church like feel to it to commemorate the church that once stood here … Btw, the students in Germany are so lucky as they have the most beautiful universities! … p.s. yes, this place is now a university

St Nicholas Church (Nikolaikirche)

The oldest church in Leipzig, built in Romanesque style in 1165 after Leipzig was rewarded City and Market rights – in the 15th c. gothic extensions were added and converted into a 3 aisled Gothic hall church


Walking around the city I had a feel of a busy metropolitan city thats easy to get around and has everything you need, also its cheap and transport is set up to keep people happy and get them from place to place quickly… nice! (Sydney should perhaps learn?)

Modern shopping centres all over, I hate knowing I can only carry 20kgs on my next flights over! cant buy a damn thing


I really enjoy the colourful original buildings of each city, they have their own personalities and charm and the colours are different on each building.


Its easy to just stand and stare at the details on the buildings, some of the larger ones have tiny details at the top like which you can easily miss if you dont take care to LOOK UP


Johann Sebastian Bach’s Grave in Thomaskirche 

The famous composer worked and died here in Leipzig and his grave is found in Thomaskirche

Thomaskirche where Bach is buried
This guys got it right! beer in hand and ready!

The Town Hall 

The tallest Town Hall in Germany with the height of 115m


Easy drive along the beautiful roads of Germany, cant complain…


We stayed in a city centre mixed carpark for the night and it cost us 15 euro, the following day we had to pay 10 euro to leave the van there as the place was filling up with workers, well worth it for a look at this pretty cool city