Rating: 2 out of 5.

Date – 23 June 2018
Location – right next to the ticket office for entering the castle park area – behind the car park
Fee – Its charged via the ticket machine joined with the car park, i think it was around 22euro a night

2 star as its a basic car park with no amenities

Do NOT go into the first car park entrance when you turn off the main road, this is very small and for the cars, instead go past the entrance and around the back to where the bus parking is

We entered into the small car park area and nearly got stuck! we were getting some filthy looks by some people, then someone comes around and tells us to go around to the bus park as the spaces are bigger… thankfully the told us cos we had no idea! We headed around to the back and sure enough we basically had the whole area to ourselves

Driving towards Potsdam
Such a beautiful drive!

We parked right near the pathway nearest to the castle park area, and from the looks of things there were not too many other campervans it was mainly tourist buses

Thw full car park we initally went into where we nearly got stuck as the spaces were too small for our van
We were really happy as there was so much space when we arrived

There is a path nearest to our van in the photo above and we decided to park next to the pathway as we were going to be there at night and surrounding the car park was all forest area and a bit quiet

Overhead view of the emoty car park at the end of the day when most of the tourists had left and it was basically just us left

All in all – a very good set up and ticketing system, didnt have to speak to anyone re: tickets it was all straight forward on the machine

The location was fantastic as it was right next to the Castle park area which we really wanted to see, the town itself was another 15min walk though so be mindful of that when walking at night

Other than that, it was very basic and just a car park and did everything we needed for that one night