Being a Castle fanatic… THIS PLACE IS MY DREAM COME TRUE

COUNTRY – Germany
23rd JUNE
Bus Park at the Historical site at Potsdam – 22EURO per night – no water / no electricity / Public toilet

The orange circles are where some of the castles are situated (not all are on this map!)

We parked in the bus parking and paid a hefty €20 for the night but we knew it was a must see here and it was walking distance to the site

It was SO busy when we got to the carpark, we went into the wrong carpark which ended up being for the cars and it there was no where to move and so hard to manouver out of there, we were being told off by people walking around saying this carpark is not for vans and giving us filthy looks! We were lucky that someone told us there was a bus park at the back and we GLADLY paid the very expensive fee of 22euro for the night, there was no one there and it was a bit dark at night but we were on a main pathway through the park we noticed and tbh we didnt have much choice around that area as it was either close to the main sights or far out of the city

Close up of our spot for the night

To get to Potsdam city centre we had to catch a bus, well, I walked and it took a good 20mins but it was so worth the walk through the beautiful park full of gorgeous buildings, now a park for everyone to enjoy and visit the remaining buildings which are there as decoration and for public viewing

A UNESCO Heritage City directly bordering Berlin. It has 2,064 hectares of parks filled with Palaces, Castles, ruins, fountains, gardens and generally a place for locals and tourists to wander around and enjoy the beauty

Population – 171,810

Potsdam is the Capital and the largest city of the German Federal State of Brandenburg

This was the residence of the Prussian King and the German Kaiser until 1918

MAP UNESCO site Potsdam

The answer to the title of this blog is 17! Yes… There are 17 Castles in Potsdam! I spent 1/2 a day here and only saw 5 of them, but d*mn they were all amazing in their own way – you need a good full 2 days to enjoy this place…

  1. Babelsberg Palace, Babelsberg Park
  2. Cecilienhof Palace, New Garden
  3. Marble Palace, New Garden
  4. Marquardt Palace
  5. Little Palace in Babelsberg Park
  6. Stadtschloss
  7. New Palace, Sanssouci Park
  8. Sacrow Palace
  9. Kartzow Palace
  10. Sanssouci Palace, Sanssouci Park
  11. New Chambers, Sanssouci Park
  12. Orangery Palace, Sanssouci Park
  13. Satzkorn Manor House
  14. Charlottenhof Palace, Sanssouci Park
  15. Lindstedt Palace
  16. Stern Hunting Lodge
  17. Lichtenau Palace, at New Garden

Sanssouci Park World Heritage Site

This place is just so beautiful to walk around in with minimal dirt paths and huge green trees you don’t even feel like you are in a large city, getting lost here is a treat!

New Garden Park is across the other side of the city and was the Summer location for the royal family with another 2-3 royal buildings including the Schloss Cecilenhof where the Potsdam Conference was held

Every path here leads to somewhere beautiful and unique! Either a beautifully manicured Renaissance garden, a fountain or a building of some sort


New Palace

This beautiful Prussian Baroque building began in 1763 after the end of the Seven Years War and completed in 1769, its considered to be the last building of its type

Marble Palace, New Garden

Designed in early neo classical style

Orangery Palace, Sanssouci Park

Built 1851-1864 in the style of Italian Renaissance

Charlottenhof Palace, Sanssouci Park

A former palace and summer residence of Prince Frederik William

Sanssouci Palace, Sanssouci Park

The Summer Palace of Prince Frederik the Great, King of Prussia – it is created in Rococco style

Chinese house

At the time the royal family enjoyed Chinese art so they created a half Renaissance half Chinese inspired house to enjoy, it’s interesting to see the Renaissance style Asian figures! Very unique building

This city is a very affluent one, compared to the rest I’ve seen, you can usually tell from suburbia when you walk around outside of the city centre with the buildings and how large the houses are.

The Rathaus

The neighbourhood I walked through had huge leafy trees on both sides with cobblestoned streets lined with 3-4 storey houses all painted in different colours with beautiful detailed ornamental facades, little old stylish ladies were walking their dogs at 8pm by themselves (Germany seems to be a safe place as I see this a lot)

All these “wursts” everywhere! Their sausages are the best btw, even if you don’t like sausages you will like the German ones 😉

Ended the day at around 9pm (and early one!) Started to rain so we walked back from the city which was around 20mins but very enjoyable as we passed by a square where the locals were drenched under the rain and watching the German vs sweden world cup game (Germany won we heard the fireworks later on that night) also saw some more ruins, you can’t just walk in Europe, I always seem to stop and see something new or take a photo of some scene or another! 1st world problems eh?

20,520 steps today