Schwerin ~ a city surrounded by lakes

This beautiful & unique city is the capital and the oldest and 2nd largest city of the Mecklenburg-vorpommern state and established as early as 1062 Population = 95,668 approx Schwerin is surrounded by lakes and in the 11th c. There was a settlement of Slavic peoples, Henry the Lion defeated this tribe and the town … Continue reading Schwerin ~ a city surrounded by lakes


This little town is located on tbe Itz River in the Upper Franconia Region in the state of Bavaria Population = 41,071 Coburg was first mentioned in a monastic document dated 1056 One of Germanys largest castles is located here, Veste Corburg. Lucky for us European fanatics, Coburg was not damaged during the war so … Continue reading Coburg

Erfurt ~ 25 Churches in the city centre alone!

Erfurt is the largest city in the state of Thuringia in central Germay. It has a population of 211,113 The old town is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Germany, you really feel like you are on a movie set while here I couldn't believe when I read this but there are 25 … Continue reading Erfurt ~ 25 Churches in the city centre alone!