Situated in Traunsee Lake in Gmunden

Was founded around 1080 by Hartnidus of Ort and constant additions and improved ments made into the 13th c.

Halfway between Salzburg and Linz

Built on a small island on Lake Traunsee, Schloss Ort is a picture-perfect castle that can be accessed via a 123-meter bridge from the mainland. Built on the ruins of a Roman fortress around 1080 by Hartnidus of Ort, the castle passed to Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor in 1483, after which it was rebuilt due to a fire



From 1484 to 1491, the castle was governed by Gotthard von Starhenberg, the Governor of Upper Austria.

In 1492, Bernhard of Starhenberg and later his descendants ruled the castle until 1584.

In 1588, the castle was purchased by Weikhard Freiherr of Pollheim, but he sold the castle on April 6, 1595 to the city of Gmunden. However, Gmunden sold the castle to Rudolf II that same year.

The castle then passed to other owners before finally being acquired by Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor.

The castle was acquired by Franz Joseph I of Austria in 1914, and it was intended for students of Gmunden’s schools to be allowed to visit the castle, but this plan was interrupted by World War I.

The castle was not well maintained between 1919 and 1973.

At present the castle is being used for a study center of the Federal Ministry for Land and Forestry

On January 5, 1995, the castle was officially acquired by the city of Gmunden. In 1996, it began to be used as a location for the TV series Schlosshotel Orth.

View from up above

Walking towards the castles entrance along the walkway – I think I stopped to take in the view of the mountains 34,675.2 times! 🙂

Looking back towards the mainland from the castle

The beautiful backdrop of the mountains

And what a beautiful view with the red flowers in the foreground along the sides of the bridge crossing over to the castle

Lazy boats sit next to the castle not knowing what beauty surrounds them


This place hosts around 300 weddings a year! would be such a beautiful location for a wedding thats for sure

A restaurant area on the outside overlooking the goreous mountains

The inner courtyard area – has a romantic italian feel to it

The inside reception area

Ort Castle viewed from Gmunden town

Traunsee is a beautiful deep blue crystal clear lake around 25km with maximum depth of 191m – making it the most deepest lake in Austria!

Look how beautiful and clear the waters are!

Ort Castle is a beautful romantic castle with such a gorgeous view over the lake and the mountains and with the blossoming flowers surrounding the area, it really is a sight out of a fairytale!

If you are in this area, you must not miss this gorgeous Castle

16th JULY 2018