Also known as Wurttemberg Castle

Located in the municipality of Altmunster overlooking Traun Lake (Traunsee)

Built between 1872 and 1875 by Duke Philipp von Wurttemberg as a summer villa for his wife.

The castle is now owned by Republic of Austria and accommodates a boarding school for pupils from the neaby Bundesrealgymnasium, its focus is on languages with around 500 students


We walked up from our camping site (which was the car park of a nearby sports hall) and even the walk was gorgeous!

This area was mostly uphill so it was a good hike

We turned off the main road and ended up walking through a hotel residency and passed a farm, circled in red are the 2 small local chapels

As we were walking towards the castle, this cute little chapel just off the main road got my attention and we went to explore

Passing by some private properties, but the little road seemed to be a shared road leading towards the castle complex

Another cute little chapel! I think the locals have created this for themselves

One of the guest houses we walked past

We then got there we walked through some woods with beautiful dark green fir trees…

And we were awe as soon as we saw the castle!

When we got there the castle was empty and closed, we walked around and snuck a look inside, there were just tables and chairs everywhere and was empty and looked disused


After the death of the owner Duke Philipp in 1917, the property was owned by Duchess Marie Therese

in 1927 i was sold to the sons Robert and Ulrich

During WWI it was used as a refugee camp and hospital

In 1935 it was leased o the regional association of tourism in Linz

from 1938 it went to the regional government of the Oberdonau district

During WWII, a school for the German navy and the Hitler Youth were held in the castle

from 1946 to 1981 an economics Realgymnasium was housed here

in 1969 the palace and park came into the possession of the Republic of Austria

The architect Heinrich Adam planned and constructed this palace and was built in French Renaissance style

The area around the castle includes around 20 hectares of land