Gmunden is in upper Austria and only has around 13,200 population, so its a cute little town with not too many people, surrounded by beautiful high mountains (including Traunstein which is 5446 feet – Erlakogel 5150 ft – Wilder Kogel 6860 ft)

In 1000BCE the Illyrians were mining salt here, a settlement was already in existence in the 5th c. by 1186 Gmunden was a fortified place surrounded by walls

Gmunden became a town in 1278 and a church was built in 1300

They supplied naval ships to Austria during the 17th c and helped wounded soldiers in hospitals in WWI

On the road again – the mountains look so beautiful as you drive, it’s never a boring drive in Europe!
Petrol station stop

We filled some petrol, we never really let it get under half tank before filling again – petrol is expensive in europe!


Castle Ort, not too far away from Gmunden – beautiful views all round

The town map of Gmunden

The beautiful lakes of Austria! this area is just so gorgeous to drive through, i never really knew about it until I got here and wish I had more time to spend in this country!

The bridge over the lake to the other side of Gmunden

Walking up towards the town centre from Ort Castle

Gmunden Coat of Arms

The view of Orte castle walking from the town

The Esplanade in Gmunden was first extended in 1890/91

If its this beautiful on a cloudy day, just imagine in summer!

The ducks mucking about in the crystal clear lake water

Mozarts balls (!) and a cup of coffee and this view…. BLISS!

The sun came out for a bit and people were relaxing along the lake shore

An interesting fountain, “a man holding a “The Gnome” by artist Heinrich Natter – its carrying a 60kg berg crystal

The main road in Gmunden at the lake shore

There were fish decorations hanging all over the town between buildings, it was really wierd but colourful

The fish is on their coat of arms so maybe its got to do with that who knows!?

The building of Gmunden Esplanade by banking up the lake bed started during the winter months of 1850/51 and was not completed until 1862 – since then this unique lake promenade has been a popular walk for guests and local people

Gmunden Town Hall – a 16th c. Renaissance architecture building – very unique looking, loving the little detailings

Little markets were on near the promenade

Selling local wares

Fresh fruit and veggies! cant walk pass without getting a whole load

Little cafe and eatery overlooking the lake

A few people were walking around in traditional dress, it was so nice to see!

Some more back streets

Cute building details

The colours of the buildings in the town centre were leaning towards more pastels and white detailing


This church dates back to 1300 and its style is gothic

Its high altar has been preserved – but in 17th c. some of the interior parts of the church were adapted to Baroque style

The main altar inside the church – we were the only ones there, it was quiet and beautiful so we took some time to chill out

Church detailings…


Details in seperate post

Drawing of Gmunden in 16th c.

Gmunden was a cute little town with a beautoful view of Traunsee and the Austrian mountains, I loved walking around the little back streets and checking out the colourful traditional buildings lining the streets

If you are passing by this area, I think it would be a good place to pick up some lunch maybe spend a few hours looking around town and the 3 castles nearby