Once a residence of the Prince-Bishops of Augsburg now a gallery of the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen and the Städtische Galerie

Hohes Schloss is one of the best preserved gothic castle complexes in Bavaria!

A beautiful view of an amazing castle from above!



Its location in Germany is down south in the Bavarian region

Overhead view of the castle on the hill

Its just beautiful that the castle has retained its late-gothic design, renovatons and changes have been made on the inside though… glad we could explore inside! It was worth it for sure!

Between 1486 and 1505 the castle belonged to the bishopric of Augsburg, fortifications were added to the outer walls

Excavations in 1955 on this hill reveal foundations of a late roman fortress

From the inner courtyard with its unique illusionist paintings

In late roman times, the hill on which the castle now sits was occupied by a fortress which helped to guard the via Claudia Augusta

When King Rudolf of Habsburg made Fussen a town between 1274-1286 a town wall was erected and in 1291 the Bavarian Duke Ludwig began to turn it into a castle but was successfully stopped by the bishop of Augsburg who said he did not have the right to fortify the hill

Between 1274 and 1286 the first town wall also encircled the hill – This turned into a castle in 1291 and 1322

The present castle was created in 1489 and 1504

How about that beautiful font… even tombstones look beautiful and artistic in Bavaria

Exploring the inner courtyard

The Terrace garden was created in the 1820s by a local chemist who had acquired it in 1808 from the Bavarian government to create a pharmacy garden. Its been recreated in 2011

The walls date back to 16th c

The buildings around the inner court of the castle were built in 1490-1504 by Bischop Frederic of Zollern

The illusionistic paintings decorating the outer facade date from 1499 and unique to late gothic architecture

The inside corridors of the castle had an old gothic feel to them with the dark wood paneling and the iregular shaped walls

Beautiful paintings lined the walls of the castle

The interiors were just amazing to explore! The detailing through the rooms were beautiful and the inside was unique where all the rooms were connected in the middle by doors on each side so you could see the whole way down one wing! really wierd

Knights Hall – The detailed wooden roof is Gothic and originals

This looks like it was a fireplace at one time, I think its nice that they kept it instead of kocking it down and incorporated into the wall

View over Fussen from the castle

Paintings of the castle

Bavarian State Painting collection – there is a whole load of beautiful housed in this castle! The art of the 15th and 16th c. from the Bavarian area

Inside was an art museum with beautiful paintings all through the rooms, it was beautiful to explore

A drawing on the castle in the late 19th c.