We are in BAVARIA!!! I love Bavaria! I havent been here since 2005 so I was so excited to be here 🙂

Found a really picturesque location to stay right on the larger lake called Forggensee at Camping Brunnen, a pretty touristy area we soon found out! Glad to have stayed further out

Schwangau is a municipality district in southern bavaria

The village area lies 4km from Fussen

Its a beautiful flat countryside surrounded by woods where you can go hiking. Great base for visiting the castles in the area



Exploring the area in the 3 days we were there – easy to get by with the local bus and walking

Driving into the area left us instantly in awe of the magtic green bavarian mountains

How about those beautiful Bavarian mountains

Back on the AWESOME german roads again!

The scenery was just gorgeous with the magnificent mountains in the background

The drive was just so gorgeous driving by little villages

The cows grazing on the luscious green grass in the fields

Just a random guy standing on 2 horses

One of our first glimpses of one of my favourite castles! Neuschwanstein castle!

We registered and parked out van at the campsite

We decided to stay 2 nights as there was so much to see in this area alone

The van site was comfortable and a great location with a gorgeous view of the lake

Campsite #28 ~ “Camping Brunnen” – Germany / Fussen

We walked from Camping Brunnen towards Fussen, we passed a few little villages which was so nice to experience

We saw Neuschwanstein sitting on the mountain the whole time as we strolled through the villages, I must have taken thousands of photos right about now!

This is one of my absolute favourite castles and I was so grateful to be back and to see it again, it was like a dream for me

The bavarian mountains just look so majestic with the clouds looming just above them

I love how it sits there overlooking the villages and the lakes, cant be missed!


We passed through this little village and we so shocked to see some really beautiful German buildings and had to stop and soak it all in

Pfarrkirche St Maria und St Florian

Especially this gorgeous church!

What a beauty! what architecture! and its sitting all quiet in a tiny little village in the countryside!

With its well looked after little cemetery

Neuschwanstein castle perched in the distance – was still like a dream for me!

The Hohenschwangau Castle came into view!

The sign outside someones home… love it!

How cute is this!? Outside someones home

Passing by some lovely flowers

An accommodation and a beautiful building waiting to be explored!

The colours!! even on a cloudy day the colours sing to the soul!

Cute details on the B&Bs as we pass by

Pretty flowers

More unique german buildings as we keep walking through the little villages

Care and love go into the detailing and colours of the homes

Reaching Lech River looking towards Fussen


Wandering through the countryside and coming across some beautiful scenery

We found a dried out lake bed

Hohen Castle and Fussen from afar!

Beers named after mad King Ludgwig! – my favourite is the Dunkel with its dark caramel flavours

Was hard to leave this beautiful countryside heaven