Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Camping facilities next to campsite Bannwaldsee-Centre 3, 5 km

Price as of 2023 – 29euro per night – worth it though its a touristy area and its in a good location away from the hustle and bustle of the castle tourists and Fussen

We stayed here for 3 nights



Surrounded by farm land it was a bit of a drive towards the villages and Fussen to see the castle

But the location was just beautiful on the lake with beautiful views, and as you walk towards Fussen, you see the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle sitting on the mountain!

I stopped every 3 secs practically to take a photo I was in AWE

This site was pretty pricey – 33 euro per night and we paid in addition to that an extra 10.50 a night for the van spot (not sure why they do this as other places didnt charge the extra for that, pricing was all in 1)

We got a gas bottle for 23euro from here

The weather was a bit lousy as we drove into Germany and the Bavarian region, but tbh, I didnt care because I was so happy to be back!!

We got so excited as we drove towards the campsite

I saw Neuschwanstein castle sitting there in the mist and I freaked out with excitement!

The larger roads turned into little country lanes we started to not think this was a good idea but then…

We came up the little village just before the campsite area which ended up being shops and b&bs

One of the accommodations just before the vansite – it was literally just around 5 or 6 buildings, so much love and attention goes into the upkeep and beauty of these traditional buildings – I love it!

We had to park outside the vanpark and go inside and register

The site was pretty full but we ended up getting a spot just infront of the reception house at the front, we werent lucky enough to get a view of the lake but we didnt care 🙂

Good spot looking out at the water right at the front of the entrance and easy to back into the spot and leave

Tea and german cakes from the front of our van

Walking along the countryside pathway – made properly for all the walkers going to the towns and castles

Starting the walk along the lake towards the villages

Walking up towards the park from the lake, the water was low at the time we were there and grass was growing when there is usually water

View of the vanpark from the lake

One of our dinners at the van park

Fresh fruits and veggies!

As we were here for 3 days we had some time to chill at the campsite a bit

Was a magical walk! we didnt care we were so far away , it ended up being such a great experience to walk through the countryside, even in the rain, the narrow roads winding through were easy to walk along and we found beautiful scenery along the way

I recommend a minimum stay of 3 days to be able to see all the sites in the surrounding area