A cute little town with a little 1 street town centre with cafes and cobblestone

Was raining a lot the day we were there so we really just realxed and chilled around the town centre – explored the churches and took a peek into some shops but mainly just had a relaxing , slow and chilled day enjoying the rain

btw, BAD means SPA! It got its name from back in the mid 19th c. wheniodine springs were discovered in the area and Bad Tolz became a Spa resort town, 1899 is when it got the name of Bad Tolz

There has been occupation here since the retreat of the glaciers at the end of the Ice Age

There once was a castle here but was burnt in a fire which destroyed a lot of the medieval town back then 😦



We were forced to take a detour and go the long way, hence why we got there so late, there was an accident or road blockage or some sort

Easy walk from the car park to the town centre, a very small place so it was easy to walk around and see majority of the sights

Woke up to drizzley rainy weather, we hve been so lucky so far so we didnt complain much, plus we were wanting an easy day as we have been out and about from avg 8am to 10-11pm every day

Looks like a bucks party! Interesting things going on in this tiny town lol… a group walking past our motorhome

NOW everyone decides to leave? lol

Breakfast before our exploration begins!

Walking in slong the Isar River to town

As we walked in, we were shocked straight away at the beauty of the buildings! Even a small town can surprise you!

A beautiful church on the hill

Hello! how beautiful!!

The origins of this beautiful but small town are connected to the Rover Isar which was a traffic artery in the Middle Ages with trade being brought up north to Munich

first glimpse of the market square and we were in shock at all the beauty of the buildings and the colours even on a sade rainy day!

Ummm, HELLO! check our those cakes! I love german bakeries

aaand… after… it was raining really bad so I decided to have more coffee and draw the beautiful scenery instead

The Parish Church of the Assumption in the background

Due to the location of the salt mines in Bad Reichenhall, Bad Tolz was ideally placed to prosper from all the activity on between

14th c. it recieved its official market rights

The details on the buildings are so intricate and beautifully created!

Rain or not people are out and about

The details on the buildings are so lovely and colourful here

Bad Tolz also was known for its breweries and in the 18th c there were 22 breweries in town!

Assumption of Mary – The interior of the church


A catholic church, first mentioned in a document in 1392, there would have been a little chapel on site here

Muehlfeldkirche (Maria Hilf) – was built in early 18th c.

The ceiling frescos are beautifully coloured and detailed

The entrance to the church

The beautful ornate and original dome of the church

Started to become really busy with people in the market square

Ornate shop hangings, no idea what this one is… a pretzel!?

Hair cut anyone??

The Church of the Assumption

It is one of the oldest buildings in the region od Isarwinkle – built in 1466 and restored throughout

A Gothic 3 aisled hall church

Holy Family Altar from 1864

Lighting a candle of thanks

Beautiful ornate gold guilded statues

exploring the back streets and the little boutique shops

We bought some fresh fruit from the local markets in the market square

Bad Tolz is def worth a visit!

Next time: go to the salt pools that they are well known for!

A photo I found of the town from above!