Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Paid parking lot – for motorhomes and buses

Was a cheap location, only 50c for 90 mins – 6 euro in total

3.5 stars, everything a camper needed was there, except electricity that is! but there was water, grey water dumping area, toilet dump and at a cheap price

Learnt a good lesson here NOT to arrive after dark to a new camping spot… (more below)



Good location, not too close and not too far from the town centre… juuuuust right!

And the location of this spot is just gorgeous! over looking the aqua coloured water – now I know why this spot was so popular

We arrived here at 9:45pm

We generally try to get to our stop before dark so latest 6pm but due to an accident along the way we had to change our route and go the long way

We had to get our ticket and organise ourselves in the dark which was NOT too much fun!

All caravans had already parked and there was literally no room as we drove around the carpark with everyone sort of looking at us thinking “thank goodness thats not me!”

So many vans had parked with HUGE gaps between each other which was so annoying as we could have fit in if they parked a netre closer to each other the selfish geeks!

Pretty cheap overnight stay!

We eventually shoved ourselves in a very awkward spot at the front of the entrance, we were worried we were in the way of other vans trying to leave as it was a tight turn – but we stopped there anyways, we had no choice as it was just way too late to look for another place to park for the night

This was a good lesson to us NOT to arrive at night when all spots could be taken and its too dark to see where you are parking

The ticket machine – not in english so had to do a google translate

The water and waste disposal area was handy and we filled water and dumped the toilet

Its so common and handy these little water stations, they really are so valuable to the camper

I havent seen anything like this in Aus unfort but they are all over Europe which makes life so much easier for motorhomes or caravans and majority of the stops had these

Heaps of people and motorhomes coming through the car park it was full – this was one busy spot!

The view from our camp spot in the morning gave us a joy!

The ducks were really enjoying the water

By the time we started walking towards the town, it had began to rain… and we didnt care! 🙂

We left at 5pm the next day after exploring the beautiful little town of Bad Tolz!