So far we have drove 3804km! and every KM has been an adventure! loved it 🙂

This was a day where we had to drive quite a bit as we had stayed a few too many nights in the one area and the extra night at Attersee, so we got to Innsbruck pretty late that night, thankfully the car park was large and there was plenty of space or else it would have been difficult to find a place to park and stay the night

Getting to Innsbruck was fun! the scenery around the mountains of austria and the castles we saw along the water was beauitful

I was so happy to be back in Innsbruck, last time was in 2001!


Innsbruck location in Austria

Getting into Innsbruck was another thing! The roads were so huge and so busy! It was pretty hard to navigate the GPS and the roads as the

Especially this bit! we took a wrong exit and had to go around another way it was really confusing and actually a bit intimidating… nothing like what ive seen in Aus tbh

The autobahns weaving its way around Innsbruck


We parked at a huge free parking spot outside of the city and just off one of the main ramps – I didnt want to get too close into the city because we were so tired from driving and didnt want to tackle any more traffic especailly further into the city centre, plus we can see more being outside

The road signs heading towards Innsbruck

Passing by cute little Austria houses in the cuontryside

Driving along the roads you are always guaranteed something interesting to see along the way!

Passed by this beautiful little church! you just cant sleep as a passenger when driving in Europe, im just scared to miss something spectacular!

The dark and mysterious mountains of Austria in the background

A glimpse of a lake every now and again

ARGH! so much to see in europe!

Kufstein Fortress – couldnt stop but would love to explore this one day – have added this on my bucket list 🙂

Another random castle – quick pic passing by

Schloss Tratzberg – would love to explore here as well! – noted on my bucket list

scenic views of the river


We had to cross over the German border

We drove along the river where one side was Germany the other Austria

You can see the border line in black right along the middle of the Inn River

INNSBRUCK – Town Centre

University of Innsbruck – a public research university – what a beautiful building!

Herzog-Friedrich Strasse

The Nordkette Range – towers over Innsbruck protectively, there is so much you can do in these ranges, like ski, hike, there is also a funicular and beautoful view points

There are so many different types of architecture around Innsbruck, from Baroque to Gothic Churches…

and everywhere you turn there are some beautiful detailed buildings with unique architectural designs – the further out of the town centre you go the more modernist buildings become

The famous Innsbruck golden roof – “Goldenes Dachl” is it the city’s most famous symbol and is found on this beautiful museum which we went inside and explored – completed on 1500, the roof was decorated with 2,657 fire gilded copper tiles for Emperor Maximillian I to mark his wedding to Bianca Maria Sforza

Looking out from the balcony – The square here infront of the golden roof used to be the setting for markets, feasts and tournaments so this balcony was a great place to view from

I have been to Innsbruck before but Ive never had the time to go in and take a look around so I was glad I could do it this time, well worth it

There are beautoful wooden characters decorated on the outside and there is a verse written behind the characters which was interpreted as “Ï am the light of the world, He who follows me will not walk in darkness, but he will have the light of life, says the Lord”

How cool is this little fountain!?

Best place to have a coffee and cake and take in the Golden Roof – cakes were beautiful too – cant go wrong with Austrian sweets

Prechthaus – dates from 15th c. and rebuilt around 1540

Innsbruck Cathedral

Also known as the Cathedral of St James – 18th c. Baroque Cathedral – built on the site of a 12th c. Romanesque church

St James Cathedral was on the important medieval Christian pilgrimage route – badly damaged in earthquakes in 16th and 17th c and rebuilt between 1717 and 1724

The cathedral interior is so pretty with its light pastel and gold coulourings

The Renaissance frescoes were painted by Cosmas Damian Asam from Bavaria – he used optical illusion to project endless space.

The stocco work is just so intricate and beautiful! the details just stand out and really give the interior a fairy tale feel and look to it, its really original and i fell in love with all the details!

Cosmas and his brother were selected to decorate the ceiling with scenes from the life od Saint James

In 1964, the church was elevated to status of Cathedral of the Diocese of Innsbruck

Awesome pastries! they seem to be all over europe constantly tempting me! my favourite Austrian sweet cake was the Punnschrapfen – rum soaked sponge cake covered in pink fondant and topped with a cherry! YUM

The Inn River – fast flowing and a really interesting colour grey green water glacial water – was beautiful to watch it flow past

Locals riding their bikes everywhere! – how interesting and quirky is this cool shop front

Everywhere you look you see the beautiful mountains in the background

We wanderign around and found some of the streets where the locals live and the homes were so colourful and fun!

Innsbruck has those cute shop decorations to catch the attention of customers, I love how original some of them are here

Schlosser-gasse – This area just left of the Golden Roof and the market area and next to the river is an area full of restaurants and cafes and lovely colourul buildings

Court Church (Hofkirche) / Museum of Tyrolean Folk Art (same entrance)

This is a gothic church consecrated in 1553 and has these 28 impressive statues inside which dominate the interior of the church

They are habsburg relatives and heroes

The statues stand around a black marble cenotaph for Maximillian I

Impressive metro system

And trams running through the middle of the city

Servite Monastery

Servite Monastery – endowed by Anna Katharina Gonzaga in 1614 who also brought the order of Servites to Innsbruck- reconstructions of the church with frescoes began in 1945 after bombing of the original

The beautiful altar and paintings

Heading to the outskirts of the city back towards our motorhome, the buidings began to change their style

They became more “boxy”and straight, still beautiful and colourful but you can tell you are out of the town centre

There were a few huge beautiful buildings

Austrian beer is gooooooood!

An interesting “modern”looking church for Austrian standards!

Some quirky looking interesting coloured apartments

I definitely love Innsbruck, I just love the feel of the old town with the mountains overlooking its beauty, I love the cafes and the museums and the different churches with the long history and the things we dont really know about – I love the squares and the market places which make you feel welcome – will def come back to Innsbruck no matter how many times ive been its still beautiful and unique