I had a few more days to spend exploring on my own which I was really excited about – I had a vague plan of what areas I wanted to see so I set offf

The details in the facade of the buildings can easily be missed if you dont look up! 🙂

Pub crawling yet again and stopping off at as many pubs as I can.
I really love English pubs so im trying to see as many as I can, I love the History behind them and I end up sipping on a beer and reading up on each pubs historical facts and having a chat with the bar staff and getting a bit more insight into the pub itself.

No one so far has had any issues with me taking pics of the inside of the pubs, I go exploring as well and make my way into the many different rooms trying not to scare the locals lol

“No Sir! There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man by which so much happiness has been produced, as by a good Tavern.”

Samuel Johnson

Drinks along the Thames – its so lively in every part of the city once it hits 4pm, everyones out of work and at the pubs

I was pretty happy to have my birthday in London so I booked to go up to the Skygarden and have a look over at my favourite city in the world while sipping on a glass of champagne and a nutella crossant, not taking anything for granted and happy to be here…

There is quite a bit of a waiting list to get to the top of this building, you need to book online (for free) a few weeks before to be able to secure your place – I already booked from home

Champagne and Nutella 🙂

With a view like this who wouldnt be happy to be here!?

Tower of London – this castle is a must see! It was founded around 1066 during the Norman conquest of England. Controlling this Castle has been important to controlling the country and has been besieged several times

Tower Bridge – This bridge keeps on getting itself confused with London Bridge I love the little museum at the top which you need to climb up from the side to get in, well worth it

There is never a shortage of places to see and things to do in London, I am averaging around 20k a day here and get back to my accom around 10-10:30pm

The Tower of London looking from the West side

Visiting on of my favourite areas of Holburn and the Lincolns Inn buildings

This city never fails to please… especially me, as I have a soft spot for London ever since I lived here and I keep coming back for more.

Every corner there is something different and new to see and here I am getting told off by a security guard for taking photos, I still don’t know why I can’t take pics and had a bit of an argument with him because I remember just taking photos a few years back with no issues… Ppl these days ugh