Wandering ~ London Streets with history

Walking around the streets of London I must seem like such a tourist looking around in awe! No matter how many times you walk the streets you will ALWAYS find something new or different!

I used to live here in 2008-2010 and did the same everyday back then… I explore every nook and cranny and walk down as many alley ways as I can to see what else I can stumble upon … So much history so many ancient stories and buried pasts, to be a fly on the wall at some stage back then in history..

If you are like me and love history, youre searching a gold mine here, you find out some very interesting things… like the fact that Cock Lane, near the Holburn Viaduct, didn’t actually get its name from chickens but because it was the only street to be licensed for prostitution in medieval times… Hmm, some other expired names for streets that have been changed are Pissing Alley, Shiteburn Lane and Gropecunt Lane… No joke! This is real 😱😂🤨

I downloaded this awesome app called “tracemytrack” which tracks my walks and I add my photos to it to have an idea where I went

Clapham Common

Love the old clock towers scattered around London

There were 116 churches in the city of London in the 16th century. 80 were destroyed in the great fire of 1666 and now there are 47 standing with all different styles of architecture… I love taking photos of churches as I know each one is different from the next and so much love and thought have been put into the design and build of each one

Pubs and bars

There are around 3,650 bars and pubs in London and it’s many boroughs, a huge fall in the number than what it used to be, mainly in London. People seem to be drinking less also switching from beer (which was the most popular alcohol for many centuries) to wine and spirits, also the increase on alcohol tax hasn’t helped.


I used to work in this street! Brought back so many memories walking through, seeing that my old company is still there was nice 🙂 I used to lock my bike up outside the door after riding 45mins from my home to get to work… The best ride every day through the city of london! The streets are awesome for riding here

Charterhouse Square ~ Florin Court

Agatha Christies “Hercule Piorot” character lived in this block of units and I used to sit on the stairs here and have lunch many of the days while I was working in this area – I love this series so was so shocked to have found out it was my local lunch time hangout place!

Such a beautiful art deco building

The Olde Mitre is a pub built in 1547 and an old ale pub tucked away in a small alleyway in Holburn – it’s just gorgeous!!! Inside and out

There is always some sort of building and fixing going on in London it’s a 24hr city and I love the fact that they always make sure to cater to all needs, they are fixing the roads and making sure that there are bike lanes as well, always looking after the cyclists as it helps with the number of people using the tube to get to work

The first public drinking fountain in London

This fountain was built in 1859 and donated by Sam Gurney who was a philanthropist who set up the Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association in this year to provide free and clean drinking water to the people

The engraving on the fountain reads:

“The first Metropolitan public drinking fountain erected on Holborn Hill in 1859 and removed when the viaduct was constructed in 1867”

London Buses

The first ever bus (horse drawn) was established in 1829, they are just as important to London as the Tube and carry $6m people PER DAY during the work week! Crazy…

There are night buses which run 24hrs so you are never stuck for transport options in London

Summer time in London is just beautiful! Londoners take advantage and are seen out and about in any type of public garden or park they can find … I remember when I used to live here they would also be sunbathing in their bikinis in Margravine Cemetery! Yes, this is normal… It’s London 🤗 anything goes

Side info:

Senior citizens over 60 living in London


  • NHS Health – free operations / medicines / free hospital cover / dental etc
  • National railways – £30 per year for senior only cheap overground railway travel
  • Freedom pass – free travel on the tube and bus

Not bad eh??

8 thoughts on “Wandering ~ London Streets with history

  1. I was in and out of London several times over 8 weeks during the RWC in 2015 then stayed on for several days afterwards. In hotels on two separate tours and used AirBNB for two stays of about 6 days each. First one was at Twickenham so can recommend the walks from the station to the stadium on match day. They license the houses to sell food from their front yards. Amazing experience. The walk in the opposite direction through the centre of Twickers towards the Thames River, is a real gem, with some great pubs and one that I struggled to stand up straight in. There’s a footbridge across to an island chocka with houses but no cars. After the RWC stayed in the East End and loved the pubs there, especially The Blind Beggar, a Kray twins hangout.

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    1. Thanks Chris!!! Im doing my own little pub crawl now I’ll look into exploring there as well 🤗 love the pubs here I’m at the Wheatshief at borough market now and have heaps more to do before I crash tonight lol


  2. Try starting a walk from the Borough Market down to the Anchor Pub on Bankside follow the river along passing The Globe Theatre the to The Tate Gallery over the Millenium Bridge to St Pauls Cathedral one of my favourite walks.
    Before going to the Bouough Market watch Bridget Jones Diary as it was all filmed at the market.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay on London.

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