EXPLORING…. thats all I had on my mind on this day

Did NOT want to experience breakfast in my hostel so went around and had a look at the new eateries that have popped up all over London from the last time I lived here

Breakfast @ Abokado
Cheap and quick breakfast – but very tasty!

Porridge with the lot and a coffee less than £5 how good is that! In London you have the option of spending money or going for the cheap option, you always have options here

oh wow! It still happens… I just heard a guy in a construction van whistle at some sexy looking blonde walking along the street…

Went walking around the St Pancras area near my hostel, honestly, with London there is so much to see! The streets are constantly bustling and people everywhere! cafes everywhere! pub everywhere! I just want to see and explore every corner of this magical city!

Holy cross church
Built in 1887


St Georges Church
A beautiful Georgian Church

St Georges Church

The Bloomsbury Tavern
This pub dates back to 1856 and at one stage was called “BLack Lion”
It was the final watering hole for those enroute to the hangmans noose at Marble Arch.
This gorgeous pub has beautiful stained glass windows and dark wood paneling inside, a great place to have a pint and plan next steps of the walking tour

Bloomsbury Tavern

The Crown
A typical little pub has sitting areas out the front for those beautiful London summers, cant go wrong


The Jack Horner
Formerly was a bank, renamed as the “Jack Horner” in 1994
What a gorgeous looking building! People walking all around and having a drink no matter what time of the day it is

Kings Cross St Pancras
I absolutely love this building, one of my favs in London and I just stand outside and take a look at the beautiful red brick exterior, what a building! It was built between 1851-52 as the main London hub for the Great Northern Railway – it was built ontop of a smallpox hospital

Such a beautiful building that goes on forever!

Belgrove St building – I love the funkiness and originality of London, there is always some sort of art or installation and the city constantly changes every time I head back – it truely is a city that never sleeps, I could never get sick of London

Abbey road Baptist church
The top floors of this beautiful building is now converted into a 3 bedroom apartment with a guide price of around 2m pounds! (Im so jealous)  imagine living in this gorgous building!

The church itself dates back from the 19th c. and the ground level is still a functioning church/

Mortimer Court
Walked through this area of Abbey Road I must seem wierd just passing by and looking up in wonder at the beautiful buildings linging the road, for example this one!

Abbey Road – Beetles crossing
Its just a crossing right? to some people…
In St John’s Wood you will find the most famous white lines in the world thanks to the Beetles! Made famous on their Abbey Road album in 1969


Just learnt about the conspiracy theory that Paul had died in a car crash in 1966 and they apparently replaced him with a lookalike (who had a bit of surgery) hadnt heard this until now, a bit of conspiracy marketing gets you a spoken about I guess 🙂

Roman Catholic Church of our Lady
There are so many different styles of Churches around which I love looking at

A few more pubs along the way and I had to be careful not to have a beer at each pub! LOL damn I love london, you never can run out of places to have a drink


All in all a great day of exploration and seeing new places and wandering the streets of my most favourite city in the WORLD