Randomly (definitely NOT planned on my behalf) I happen to be in london the same time as Prince Harrys wedding and its all about the wedding here! Everyone loves them! Wedding… wedding you watching the wedding? Its cute… in a way…

This is nuts! (But sweet) Im at a pub and there are 2 young guys sitting on my table and they are watching the wedding out loud on their phone and fist pumping!! Wow… really they love the royals here… dont they all pay a 1% tax to the royals out of their wages?

These guys are now screaming out “I do!!”

I succumbed… im the odd one out who doesnt really care about the wedding but Im now watching it… i give up lol

update : the 2 young blokes are still watching intently and talking about the monarchy and swapping info on what they know about it… interesting stuff