Rating: 2 out of 5.

PRICE – 6 x nights = $257
TYPE – Mixed dorm – Blankets and pillows provided, but no towels
Shared toilets
Locker at the bottom of the bed which is very small and awkward to get to

Clink261 Hostel London

I have been traveling since 2001 and have started off in hostels for 2 reasons, they are cheap and you get to meet like minded travels and travel together so for me, hostels are nothing new and ill happily stay in one any time (even though I am more hostel snobby now and would get one with my own bathroom and preferably not shared lol)

In this case, as I have quit my job and have no income coming in, I had to be careful with $$ as I have a one way ticket and need my money to last me a while, so… hostel living is the way to go lol cheap as chips at AU$257 for 6 nights, in comparison, the cheapest hotel was no less than AU$150 so it was a no brainer

Accommodation is different around the world.. obviously… But when staying in London in any type of place, unless it’s a chain hotel, or a 4-5 star, I wouldn’t expect much… And after living here for 2 years, I have come to know that and understand that London is mainly about apartment living in enclosed spaces with your neighbours on your lap (I’ve seen some things in my time here! lol)

I wanted to show you around my dorm room… See below for a quick video…

Side note : I use booking.com to book all my accommodation as it seems to be the cheapest (maybe it’s due to the additional discounts I get as I use it so much) ps. I don’t get paid for this 😂

If you want to stay in the city centre you have to pay for the privilege and when you do, it’s going to be a very small room with high prices!

The reviews on booking.com for London properties are horrific compared to other cities around the world… And it does show… And I was “lucky” enough to have my 1 and only bed bug experience in London (Im sure Dan and Sam remember this! 🤨)

After saying that, let me welcome you to my home for the next 6 nights…

This is my bed, which is now very snug and comfortable… After many years of hosteling, I can sleep anywhere and I know that I gotta make my space my own so it feels like home

So all said, I’m not complaining as it’s in one of the best locations in the city centre, right near Kings Cross Station and the Piccadilly line all the way to the airport

As hostels go, this one is nice, colourful, and true to London… small. Its clean and basic which is what you need if you are backpacking and want a cheap place in London – with hostels, you do meet a lot of people and end up traveling together or learning something new and getting some travel tips and hints, but it does depend on the type of hostel and bed you end up getting how comfy its going to be for you…

I was lucky and ended up staying at my friends house after 1 night! LOL