I LOVE London! and one of the main things I love is the amazing Underground or “The Tube” with its 402km winding network of tracks

It carries 1.3 billion people a year 😱 amazing! and was opened in 1863 and continuously being added to with the aim of moving as many ppl around as possible (and not just making money… (Take note anyone working for Sydney Trains!)

What I also love is that some lines are 24hrs over the weekends now 😱 You Londonites are extremely lucky… Side note: In London, you really don’t need to own a car because the public transport system is THAT good! I know many ppl in their 30’s who don’t even have their license

A glimpse into the world of The Tube

So, this video is pretty much normal and happens all the time… I had a bit of a chuckle to myself 🙂 Londoners are immune to these type of “amusements” and just ignore it… You meet and see so many different types of people on it really does make life interesting! I remember I used to have so many stories to tell every day after getting home from work while I lived in London!

Easy to read line information, it’s so simple to navigate anywhere!

Large platforms with old school advertising

I caught the tube at peak hour and there was a train every 1-2mins! And the funny thing is no one really wants to wait for the next one if the train is packed, they just push themselves on! Some lines get so busy it’s really uncomfortable

The most I’ve waited for the tube all day yesterday is 3mins… *Ding!

Amazing exit guides at nearly every station, I love how hey Tel you which exit to take to lead you out to the side of the street that you need to get to

Oyster Card

The idea of our Opal card came from here (thank you Gladys B 🙂) Getting your oyster card is easy as! I recommend getting it from Heathrow Airport when you arrive. You find one of the machines at a station and pay £5 for the card itself and then can top up with any value you require, you also can hand in the card when you leave London and get the £5 back including the balance remaining, a typical trip costs around £2.50-£4.00 depending on which zone you have traveled to and from

They have changed the way they operate now and I believe they are trying to get rid of the Oyster card and you can just tap your credit card when walking through the gates now… Gosh I ❤️ this city and how they are constantly making it easier to move people from A to B instead of rorting them and upping prices while cutting back services (*cough cough sydney*)