Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

DATE – 21 JUNE 2018
Freizeitanlage Kaspelwerder – sitecode: 12075
2 x night Cost – 40 euro
Campsite 20EURO per night inc. water / shower / toilet

Country – Germany

City – Schwerin

Info – This was a beautiful site! one of our faCvs with a gorgeous Lake view, we could even see the Castle Schwerin from afar. It was so relaxing here, I flew my drone without anyone annoying me or asking questions

At first we thought it was far away from the centre but later we really enjoyed the walk there and back! The nature around the lake was beautiful

It was a good walk to the old town of Schwerin from our Camping grounds but we loved the walk as we enjoy exploring a new city on foot

Finding the park was hard as it was really in the back streets and we thought we couldnt fit inside, I had to jump out and run ahead to see if the van would fit, very tight turns getting there!
We had a really nice site right into- the van park – bathroom was a building just at the entrance to the park and it was locked so not just anyone could use it
Our spot from the top – had a good location closest to the bathrooms but not as secluded as the other spots further down
There were only around 14 spots at this park and not all were taken which was a shock as its a beautiful location
You cant beat that!

This camping site was so much more worth it compared to the one in the city centre which we found out was only a campervan carpark and they were all squashed together, its always good to do a bit of research on google before heading into any city centre to see if its worth staying at the camping grounds

The park had everything we needed for the camper van, fresh water, waste water discharge area and electricity along with the beautiful views so we decided to stay for 2 nights instead

The RV park layout aerial perspective
Thers the jetty! If you stand right at the end of it you can see the top of Schwerin castle! a thrill for me being a castle fanatic

Walking to the castle was beautiful on its own, took around 40mins

Schwerin is a cute little place surrounded by lakes so every where you look its beautiful water scenes

The short walk in was really nice, we walked along a path through the bushes along the lake and via a walking track and into the city, quite a nice walk and we saw quite a lot of wildlife alog the way

This was the other Caravan Park spot much closer to the city centre

We absolutely LOVED this caravan park, not only was it quiet and secluded but it was next to a lake and there were so many beautiful birds flying around where we were staying, it was just beautiful, felt like we were out of the city, wishing it was hot so we could have had a swim, but it was freezing!

It was quiet and a beautiful walk into town, I would love to stay here again!