Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

NOTE: Permanently closed

Such a great location just outside of the main city centre – around 15mins walk – close to the beautiful Palais Garden which is just full of life and people riding on bikes and walking and beautiful historical buildings and structures, such a beautiful lifestyle!

spots for 50 campers

15 euro per night extra for services

REGISTRATION: You need to walk over to Cityherberge, Lingnerallee 3. The reception is open 24 hours to pay



in RED is the campsite and circled in blue is the hotel that its linked to and where the amenities were

We had to pay extra for the shower and bathroom and basically used the hotels guest bathroom, the walk was around 5-10mins via a skatepark

There were 2 sites, one on each side of the road, the main one we went in first was full so we decided to go across the road, it was narrow parking spots but more

The back part of the vansite was facing a beautiful garden with trees and privacy which was a nice perk as you could go in from our side and sit here and relax or have lunch

We parked towards the front of the park as it was closer to the hotel and the bathrooms

A lot of rules here at this campground

Sani station to fill fresh water and also to dump grey water and also dump the toilet – needed a token from the hotel so that was annoying as you couldnt use euros

The electricity looked a bit “hows it goin” but it worked and it was fine

Plenty of space for around 50 vans and its fairly private and quiet as its off the main roads and on the outskirts of the city

The skate park you have to cross to get to the hotel