DATES : 3rd & 4th July
CAMPING GROUNDS : Wohnmobilstellplatz – Am Blüherpark – Dresden
COST: 15euro + 4euro for electricity

The capital city and 2nd largest (after Leipzig) of the state of Saxony

Population = 543,825

Dresden was once the capital of the royal residence for the Electors & Kings

Before WWII and the destruction, Dresden was nicknamed “Jewel box” because it was well known for its beautiful Baroque and Rococco buildings – now they have reconstructed majority of the old town buildings which were destroyed and the city looks beautiful again… so sad to have known we lost gorgeous buildings due to the idiocy of humans being, greed, money and power… ugh!

Dresden is one of the greenest cities in Europe with 63% of the city being forests or parks


We got a reciept from the van site… our first one! Well, this van site was linked to a nearby hotel/hostel.

Usually we just pay cash to a random person in a booth or buy a ticket from the ticket machines or we just dont pay as the carpark is free to use

This van stop was one of the more expensive ones as 1) its in the city 2) electricity was not included in the price

19 euro in total for 1 x night

Breakfast before we went exploring Dresden

We had to put an ugly piece of laminated paper on our dashboard to show we have paid. We had to pay for and use tokens to get fresh water and empty the toilet

Area to empty our bathroom and fill the water

I couldnt fly my Drone 😦
Tried flying my drone but for some reason the app wouldnt let me fly! I think its because I was right in the city centre and its a pretty big city so I have a feeling drones are blocked from flying here, this was the first time Ive experienced this on my trip – pissed OFF as I wanted to catch this beautiful City from above so bad!


Much of the citys architectural and cultural glory has been restored since 1990


Its one of the oldest buildings in Dresden and for almost 400 years was the residence of the electors and kings of Saxony.

Its created in both Neo renaissance and Baroque architectures

Its now a museum that houses some of the most beautiful pieces ive seen!

Dresden Castle Museum entrance
This was one of the most loveliest exhibitiions Ive seen in Europe while I was there!

Cost was 12euro for entrance into the galleries – well worth it, below are some photos I took of some of my favourite pieces, the details were just incredible

We climbed the massive bell tower of St Nikolai Memorial which had been bombed in the war and what was left was just the shell of the church with the tower which we climbed and had the most beautiful views over the city

Dresden Castle in 1550
The Eastern Courtyard of the Castle (this is a 21st c. reconstruction)

The original castle was a Romanesque keep built around 1200.
After a major fire in 1701, the castle was rebuilt in the Baroque style.
A Neo-classical renovation was undertaken, followed by various modernisations i.e. in floor heating and electric lights in 1914.

The “Procession of Princes” (more on this below) was painted in the castle complex

Most of the castle was destroyed during 1945 bombing in WWII.

Modern day restoration is still ongoing but began in 1960 and the State departments reopened in 2019


“Procession of Princes” was painted by the artist Wilhelm Walther.

I cant tell you how much I absolutely LOVED this mural and couldnt get away from it… Its 102m long and represents the history of the Wettins, the ruling family of Saxony, painted between 1871 & 1876 to celebrate the 800th anniverary of their rule

There are 35 Margraves, electors, dukes and Kings between 1127 and 1904

It quickly faded on a wall of the castle so it was transferred to about 23,000 Meissen porcelain tiles between 1904 and 1907, its now located on the outer wall of the Stables Courtyard of Dresden Castle

This beautiful mural was beautifully preented on the outer wall of the castle for everyone to admire

What upsets me is that there was so much destruction during the war and all the original beautiful buuildings were destroyed!

Dresden, 1945, view from the town hall (Rathaus) over the destroyed city (the allegory of goodness in the foreground)


The Zwinger is a complex of beautiful buildings that house Museums surrounding a gorgeous garden in the middle of the pavillions and was originally designed as a forecourt for the castle

We spent some time here sitting in the sun and people watching, we did some exploring along the pavillions and listening to a nearby Opera performance which added to the atmosphere beautifully

The Zwinger – The Kronentor Pavillion


The whole city had gorgeous detailing all over and I loved looking up and seeing such beautifully crafted artwork

Map of the city of Dresden from 1750 with the fortifications created after Lynar at the Zwinger (left half of the picture above, north is on the right)


One of the most recent restorations is the Frauenkirche, completed in 2005. Originally built from 1726 to 1743, the landmark Protestant church in the city’s Old Town was totally destroyed by Allied bombs in 1945. It took 60 years, but government, corporate and private donations finally led to the church’s reconstruction, stone by original stone

A great climb to the top with amazing views over the square and the city

The Neumarkt Square is so hip and happening! There were crowds of people wandering around and sitting having drinks and food at the numerous restaurants scattered around, it was buzzing here!

I just cant get over the general atmosphere of Germany and the germans, they are all out having fun and earting and drinking their social lives are just amazing compared to what I see in Sydney TBH and the majority of people we see out and about drinking during the day are the older people! Its great to see and feel the vibe around a city like Dresden

We had a great time and walked many KMs in Dresden and were really pleasantly surprised with how beautiful this city is, the reconstructed buildings and the squares and parks along with all the museums, its all made for people to socialise and experience