Rating: 2 out of 5.

DATE – 20 JUNE 2018
Parkplatz Wismar
Lübsche Str. 105, 23966 Wismar, Germany

1 x night – FREE

COUNTRY – Germany
CITY – Wismar
INFO – FREE parking area for cars and campervans
We found this because the other campervan park next door was full so they directed us to this spot instead which worked fine for us. We had enough electricity and water for the night so all good

I gave it a 2 star only because there was no electricty or water and also not many trees etc so it was literally just a car park – grateful for it though!

Initially there were a few cars around, no campervans and it was a bit quiet – as it was still early days since we first started campervanning, we were a bit concerned being the only ones there and there were random people walking around, but mainly cos we were newbies we were a little worried

We ended up moving the van from the back parking lot to the front which was muddier as it was raining but there were more cars there and we felt “safer” and closer to the main road

Took out the deck chairs and relaxed a bit after driving & exploring most of the day
A capture of the inside of our van, we were falling in love with this RV every day!
Had something to eat before heading out to explore, I was pretty excited as I had looked up the town and I couldnt wait to get to see the churches around
This was the first RV park we tried to get to but they had no room so direct us to the car park
Great location into town, not having to worry about getting stuck in the small streets

All in all, I would recommend this car park over the van park if you have electricity already and water for the duration of your stay as you do save some money as its basically the exact same distance into Town

However, saying that, if you are someone who likes to be surrounded by other RVs overnight I would choose the RV park as the back carpark was very empty and people were sitting around and drinking and smoking the whole day, if anything do what we did and stay in the carpark closer to the main road, Lubsche St