Rating: 3 out of 5.

Wohnmobilpark Trautmann, Erfurt – sitecode : 12869

Wifi power shower

2 X night – 42.20euro

Surveillance man! the owner was watching the worldcup on a huge screen and lived near the vansite and had cameras everywhere focusd on the campsite area!

The tram is an easy walk nearby to the town centre



A very small van park that seems to be privately owned – luckily when we got there to park we had space to manuveur our RV into the tight spot for the 2 nights

Every thing was detailed and unfort written in german!

The owner lived in the house nearby and we used the bathroom and toilets that were located at the basement of the house which also was a sauna, so it wasnt the most ideal place due to the toilet location but it was clean and the owners were nice

This is the check in place where you go and pay for the van site

The sunset was nice!

All the camping equipment was available for all in one of the corners, cameras everywhere so the owner knows what you are doing

We had a nice dinner outside facing the other RVs lol but it was a nice area and we were facing the garden so it was more private

Beautiful Erfurt!