Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Wohnmobilhafen Hamburg
Site code : 9567
2 x nights – 38euro

COUNTRY – Germany

CITY – Hamburg

INFO : Reception open 8-12h and from 13-17h – 24h accessible – sani, water, electricity and shower / toilet can only be used if there is an overnight stay [extra cost] – traffic noise – no reservations possible – supermarket 800m – center 2km

  • Chemical toilet discharge – free
  • Waste water discharge – free
  • Dogs allowed
  • Electricity (6A) – free
  • Trash can
  • Shower – charge
  • Toilet – charge
  • Water – free

ADDRESS – Süderstraße 820097, Hamburg, Germany

PRICE – 25euro 1 night (we paid 20euro when we were there)

Located 2km outside of the city centre, it was a good walk there and back, we always try to walk from all our camp sites as we want to see the city as much as possible and this is the best way to see it, via foot!

We paid 38 euro for 2 nights – we were lucky to get a spot as we arrived late at night after 9pm and it was fairly full

The carpark spots were very tight here and we were getting some looks from the van who we were parking next to, this old guy pops his head out and starts waving his hands at us (we werent close to hitting him anyway he was just paranoid) lucky he couldnt speak english so we made some noises and continued parking
Overview of the parking lot

It was raining when we arrived so it was a bit tough navigating the narrow parking spots to reverse in

If you dont mind some noise then this parking spot is ok for you, I always have earplugs so I was ok but the S Lane Metro line went literally RIGHT above the caravan park and it was 24/7 so you could hear it all night
This camp site was the most cramped we had stayed in and im not surprised as its in a huge city centre so im guessing that it costs a lot, also they had a seperate toilet and shower area which was charged addtitionally

The toilet block is a demountable building and is heated and very clean (they have cleaners at the van park) nice hot water and shared as well as private showers with curtains – wierd thing was you had to pass through the mens toilet and showers to get to the womens.. wierd

I had a quick look later and there was another van park on the other side of the city but closer alk in, that might be a better option and cheaper as it looked like a carparking area for trucks and much larger than this van site