University of Applied Sciences for Finance

UNESCO – “Artwork of International Standing”
Tours – only on Sundays and public holidays, guided

Area : Town of Nordkirchen
State : North Rhine Westphalia
Dates : 14th June 2018

Architecture : Baroque
Style : Moated Castle / Palace
Timeline : 18th c.

Come onnn… a University?? How could these students be SO lucky to go to uni within an architectural marvel like this!? Munster Castle was the same, used as a uni (pah)

Also, you should see the gardens here! let alone the castle! Its the largest castle in this area of Germany and most of the time we spent wandering the gorgeous gardens and around the moat. Its such a wild area full of beautiful trees and walking paths.

This 16th c. water castle is such a gorgeous Baroque style building

Located in the North Rhine Westphalia in Germany

The castle and park were designed by Westphalian Baroque architect Johann Conrad Schlaun.

A perfect place to explore and relax at
The walk up to the castle itself was impressive with its lush green trees on both side of the path
Catching this view… I basically stopped every 3 seconds! Im hooked…
Very impressive from the air!
Purchased by the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen. its now a State fun University of Applied Sciences of Finances
Castle from the Schlossgarten 
Every angle was lovely to look at – it literally had one of the most beautoful gardens ive ever been to in Europe, all full of trimmed hedges and marble sculptures maintained with such love and care
One of my favourite photos of the castle
The gardens and surrounds are littered with plenty of beautiful lifesized marble statues – some of the sculptors were Johann Wilhelm Groninger, Panhoff, Charles Manskirch
Both sides of the building is symmetrical and neat and ordered, very typical baroque with a german twist!

We ended up staying here longer than I planned – we couldnt peel ourselves away from all the views from each and every angle my camera! My camera kept hitting my face I was taking so many pics… we did eventually end up leaving, it was pretty difficult and worth the few hours we were there

Dinner that night in the van, one of my favourite easy stir frys created in 5mins on the cooktop