DATE – 20 JULY 2018
DISTANCE – 64KM from Hamburg
TIME: 8:30 to 10:30

Pit stop at this gorgeous little town full of life and colour!

This town was full of tour buses and what we started calling “GREY POWER” as there were so many pensioners coming on and off from these buses, there was literally no one else but grey and white hairs on the street! (well, ok, they were 80% lol) it was so nice seeing older people out and about and doing things like this, I always think I will be one of them when I hit their age, so good for them!

Used to be one of the main commerical centres of northern europe and the chief city of the Hanseatic League (an association of towns for the protection of trading interests)

The city was founded by Adolf II of Holstein in 1143 and the settlement was destroyed by fire in 1157 but a new city was built by Henry III, Duke of Saxony in 1159. From here it developed as a trading port between the raw-material producing countries of Northern and Eastern Europe and the manufacturing centres in the West.

The inner city is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987 with its Medieval gorgeous cobblestone streets and restored houses and shops

The autobahns impress me every day, no matter what, its the best roads and the signs and systems they utilise is amazing, ive been in awe and the 35 days in Germany has been so simple (and free!) thanks to these awesome highways!

Map of Germany with Lubeck at the top

There are many parking lots just over the bridges and around the outskirts of the city so I recommend to park outside and not attempt to drive in if you have a large van like ours, you dont want to get stuck in the small roads in the inner city!

We found a campervan car park (paid) but we didnt have the right change so we just parked there for free without paying, only 2hrs so we took the risk


The town was impressive as soon as we drove up towards it and I was glad to have chosen to come here as a quick stop and explore
The beautiful spires of the Marienkirche

St Marys Church, was built between 1250 and 1350. It is a symbol of prosperity and power to this old Hanseatic city and sits on the highest point of this island.

Built in German brick gothic style and because of this, set the standard for another 70 churches around the area which makes this church very important

Walking around this amazing Church, there were so many morbid sculptures with many skulls, on the walls, on the tombs stones and the paintings, skulls everywhere!

The outside of St Marys Church
There are many churches around the little island of Lubeck, marked in red above, making a statement of how important this town once was

ST JACOBS CHURCH – The Seafarers Church

This church is beautful and so unique! it has its original baroque altar which is so detailed and amazing
The detailing around this church was just so pretty, I fell in love!
There were many tombs on the ground of the inside of the church where many of the rich people are buried
There is so much history here and I appreciate how they have looked after the history of this church and share it with us
part of the Baroque altar with its detailing

The little paved streets are flanked by colourful and cute as well as unique in their own right, buildings which I couldnt get enough of! I just never know when these type of hidden gems pop out of tiny towns like this, I always think how many more little cities are just as amazing in their own right! so much to explore…
What i absolutely love about German cities are the beer benches always lining the streets outside the pubs! They are so inviting, even with their hard assed wooden seats, but they just symbolise a bit of fun and meeting new friends for me!
Walking down one of the streets of Lubeck


The Holstentor Gate

This is a city gate marking the western boundary of the city, built in 1464 built in Brick Gothic style and is left over from Lubecks medieval city fortifications and one of 2 remaining gates

There are ship models hanging inside the gate!

I loved this little pit stop we made, im glad we did the detour from Hamburg on our way to Wismar, even the few hours here was spent exploring the nook and crannies of this once very important port city!