Bouziv Village is 366m above sea level in north west district of Olomouc.

The village history and sights are related to the establishment of the Bouzov Castle

There are around 1500 people who live here

The name of village Bouzov was apparently originated in the 14th century by the founder of the village Bouzov – Mr. Búzov from Bouzov. Mr. Búzov was the first mentioned owner of this domain. He let build a watch castle around the trade route from Olomouc to Jevíčko

Bouzov was characterized as a small poor town till the second half of the 19th century. It was fully influenced by the former government.


The village consists of a couple of streets – looks like they are building out and creating new roads and housing

Nice drive through the countryside roads

… and changing scenery

Got to Bouzov village and was so excited to see the castle in the background!


We drove through the little town looking for the street towards the castle, we knew there was a carpark there and wanted to check it out to see if we could stay here

Perfect spot!! We found an overflow carpark (as the main carpark was too narrow and also heaps of cars were there and we didnt want to stay with the crowd)

This spot worked out perfectly for us and was one of our most favourite overnighters!

Our breakfast over looking the countryside from our van


The next day we got up early and went to explore Bouzov Castle, an early 14th c. extravegant castle overlooking the countryside and the little town – 150 pp for a tour

This majestic castle is now used for weddings and for filming when once it was a fortress stronghold and overlooking the trade route along this main highway


It really was a very small village and quiet, mainly all elderly residents looks like, the castle is the main attraction of this town

Some local being creative with coffee cups!

Every area had a view of the sky high castle!

We found a local restaurant and decided to have a snack and a break

We had a local cheese platter type thing, we didnt expect this but we each got a roll of brie (or something like that) roll of cheese!!! We couldnt finish it all, these czechs are nuts! lol

The beer was lovely! havent had any complaints so far from any european country, they all have their own twang or difference in some little way

In the village square there is a stone cross with a corpus of Crucified Jesus, on the pedestal there is a relief of St. Mary Magdalene which dates back to 1816 – so quiet and no one around

Went back to the van and had some vegetable stew for dinner – we didnt want to leave this relaxing view and the castle