Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

COST: 100 kc parking at the Bouzov Castle carpark

One of the BEST spots we parked the whole trip!! Beautiful view, totally dark and we were on our own but we had the most relaxing sleep here



Bouzov Castle carpark – 5 min walk to the castle

The town is really small so it was easy to find the parking

This was the run off parking so we didnt even try to go into the main parking cosest to the castle as it was full and small so harder to manouver so went straight here and got a sweet spot right at the end before all the crowds came

We had this stuck up on our van so they know we paid to stay there

We parked right on the end spot so we could have some privacy and space from the other cars who were just visiting the castle for the day

A nice and quiet place to fly my drone

Fresh countryside air cleans the lungs and puts a smile on my face 🙂

Breakfast with a view!

All on our lonesome! No lights no nothing, but it ended up being such a peaceful night!

Droning it and getting the beautiful Bouzov castle overlooking the little town

Chilling with a beautiful view of the czech countryside with a bottle of wine and cornchips, our favourite thing to do on our trip!

Local biscuit beautifully decorated!

This place ended up being one of my highlights, would love to come here again!