6th August 09
23mins from Dunstanburgh Castle

We drove along the coastal route again towards Bamburgh and the drive was just amazing! The English countryside along the coast just keeps getting more beautiful as you go north.

The history of this castle dates back to about 420 c. the original fortifications of this castle were destroyed by the Vikings in 993 and the Normans built a new castle on the site. Compared to the other places we had just been to, this little village was touristy. Elton loved it here because there was a group playing football right infront of the castle! Im sure it was hard for him not to go and join them! Sorry Whiskey! No time! Hehe

Before we left we turned around for one last look and we were both in shock! The sunset had cast a beautiful orange glow all over the castle!! It looked amazing! So obviously we had to stay and take more photos lol

What a gorgeous sunset!!! this was around 9:30pm at night!
We eventually reached the Scottish border!!

We drove on and up towards Scotland! So excited… we came to the Scottish border and took a photo on the borderline then continued up to Edinburgh, at this stage we were both so tired and we couldn’t wait to get to our accommodation to sleep! It was a long but very productive day seeing some really amazing things.