7th August 09

We loved Edinburgh!!! This place is amazing, it is the Capital City of Scotland and has so much atmosphere and life to it. When we were there we were in the middle of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which is the worlds largest performing arts festival. Edinburgh Castle was amazing, while we were down on Princes Street looking up at it Elton says “Jazz, i don’t wanna complain, but we have a lot of sunshine today!! Look, i’m trying to take a photo but i can’t seebanything!! Ops, my camera is switched off!!” we couldn’t stop laughing for ages! Haha at least he admits it though! Hahaha

The phone boxes are amazing!

Street performers everywhere here for the Edinburgh Festival

This is one of my most favourite backdrops in all my travels! The old town of Edinburgh

Paisely close and Elton – we both loved the Close and how it felt so medieval and eerie

Me driving in Edinburgh! was a great experience!

Edinburgh Castle on its peak on the Volcanic Castle Mound

Edinburgh Castle is built ontop of the volcanic Castle rock, and dates back as far as the 9th c and there has been a royal castle here since 12th c.