7th August 09
25mins from Glasgow

At Bothwell Castle they parked the car and took some photos outside the castle. The castle was in remains and it wasn’t very good, at least for Elton. Specially because for him this castle was ugly and it was just 4 walls and nothing else, without floor and withou ceiling, i mean, it was just to protection, nothing else. The castle was made with a kind of red brick. Elton didn’t like as well. Fussy man!! Jazz liked it though!

me infront of the amazing Bothwell Castle

Bothwell Castle is a medieval Castle near the River Clyde in South Lanarkshire. Construction of this castle began in the 13th c. Because of repeated siege, the original castle was never complete and what we see today is work of the Earls of Douglas in the 14th c. It was made from a deep red sandstone which I thought was really different compared to other Castles built around the same time. It also stands at a very strategic location at the main crossing point of the River Clyde, so if there are any invaders from the south they could be stopped, this is the reason why this castle played a major part in the wars between England and Scotland.