C – POOLE – Dorset

F – WEYMOUTH – 2 x nights


County – Dorset

The day started off cloudy and smoggy then it cleared and its beautiful blue skies!

Bustling huge town with a large pier with a large restaurant and some entertainment, costs 1.40 to get onto the pier, there is also a flying fox that goes from the pier back to the mainland

This place reminded me of Sydney a little, the town was on the larger side and it was here that people didnt acknowledge each other and just passed by without saying hello looking down at the floor, ive been so used to people saying hello to me all the time that this made me a little sad to see the state that people are in these days in large cities, I wonder if we can or if we will change that 😦 Just by my experience the past week its made such a difference to me when people say hello and the day just a little bit better 🙂

My hotel, the large white building just infront of the tram line down to the beach
The view from my room was awesome!
My awesome corner room with beautoful sea views
My version of the English breakfast!
View from my room! Sea views from the hotel
My hotel on the cliff side My hotel Marriott Highcliff
How cool are these colourful little beach huts!?
residential streets of Bournemouth
There was a bautiful park in the middle of the town centre with a stream running through


Brownsea was built by Henry VIII as an artillery fortification to protect the coast between 1545-57

Viewed Brownsea Castle from the mainland
Brownsea Castle sitting pretty on Brownsea Island – didnt have the time to catch the ferry over for a closer look 😦


County – Dorset

Large coastal town and sea port – plenty of boat cruises leaving from here to surrounding areas of interest

Met marie who is the supervisor at the charity bank place when i went in to buy food, they go around to large supermarkets and ask for left over food, they then sell it for a reduced price to those who are not doing well, it was also a cafe where those who are alone at home can come and have a coffee and hang out with others, what a great initative! I walked in wanting to buy bread and walked out with no bread and donating money to them, I loved the idea


County – Dorset

As soon as I see the dark green on the map, I know its going to be narrow lanes!

Arrived around 3pm and parking was £2 for an hour, had to quickly rush up and have a look as didnt realise it was a good 10min walk (including in photo taking time!) one way to the castle – I really want to come back to this castle as it was just so impressive and at a beautiful location! Highly recommend visiting if you love castles, this is a must see!

In 1074 william the conqueror exhanged a church in Gillingham for the castle hill and land around it and forst circle of corfe castle was laid in 1086 and has been extended
West gatehouse arrow slits
Life in the village in Corfe village it grew as the castle was built by 1247 it was a town and henry III granted it as a market and fair

The outer bailey is a nice and green but it never was like that, it was noisy and a lot of people lived there and worked in stables workshops etc horse and carts up and down

The inner ward was where the king and queen and knights stayed

Corfe village just below the castle – the buildings are made with the same stone as the castle and buildings are uniform and match in colour perfectly


County – Dorset

WHOA, I didnt think it could get any narrower lane ways to drive through than yesterdays! But, today was the narrowest ive been on, one lane had a bike rider and he had to get off the road and let me pass there wasnt even enough room for both a car and a bike on the same lane! anyways, 20mins later of that I finally got onto an A road

Ormington White Horse – a huge figure is cute out in the limestone on the hill, done in 1808 and the figure is meant to be King George III – its 85m long and 90m high – best viewed from A353
Ormington Bay

The B&B Im staying at in Weymouth is just so unique and gorgeous! Took me ages to decide which room to book as every room is different and has its own style its really funky! The owners had moved down from Windsor and bought and redone this accom and they have done such a great job! My room is steampunk funky and I love all the details


County – Dorset

I got to my accommodation which was a gorgeous B&B located in the back streets of Weymouth. I got there around 5:30 so had some extra day time to play with which was good, but I ended up chatting to 2 awesome scottish people from glasgow with really cool heavy accents! so by the time I went out to explore it was getting dark but I could already see how amazing this coast side town is and cant wait to see if tomorrow during the day time!

Oaklands Guesthouse – Weymouth
my really cool steampunk room!
They even left a present of the shell that they have as their logo! So thoughtful 🙂
Noticed a lot of their hotels and restaurants are located on the basement floor which is an interesting design I hadnt seen before, there was a large courtyard below ground level and then the restaurant was really narrow and long
Pnelty of Amusement parlours, the english love these! they are like old school timezones with game machines etc
Another underground pub that you would have easily missed if you didnt look down
The back sides of some of the apartments and guest houses – noticed the driveways are a little different here, each property has its own opening that spans the entire property and there are no kerbs because of this driveway design, its quite clever actually because all properties have quite a bit of space for their cars
The moon over Weymouth port

Another jam packed day – did spend the whole morning in Bournemouth chilling

Loving Dorset already and wanting to see more of the beautiful coast