Tegher Monastery (Armenian: Տեղեր or Տեղերի Վանք; also Tegheri Vank) is an early 13th-century Armenian monastery and church located on the southeastern slopes of Mount Aragats near the modern village of Tegher, and across the gorge from the village of Byurakan in the Aragatsotn Province of Armenia. It was built for Princess Khatun (also known as Mamakhatun), the wife of Prince Vache I Vachutian who had purchased the district of Aragatzotn from the Zakarian brothers. The architect Vardapet Aghbayrik designed Tegher and the monasteries of Saghmosavank and Hovhannavank during the 13th century. The monastery survived intact during a time when Mongol invasions plagued the lands.

Ruins of the 9th century village of Tegher (Old Tegher) sit a short distance walk from the monastery. Numerous foundations may be seen, along with the remains of a Tukh Manuk funerary chapel of the 5th century. Nearby is also the medieval to 19th century cemetery with some mausoleums and khachkars.

Refered to as Sourb Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) The complex consists of the church and the gavit

Design in 1213-1232 – a simple church with not much decor.

In 1950-1952 the domes of the church and chapels were renovated, the roofs were covered in tufsa slabs

We had to drive thorugh gugher to get here and past by such beautiful mountains

48 mins from Yerevan City

Finally got a glimpse!
Asimple design with simple sriking architecutre
I bought a magnet from the lady inside for 1000 drams
The beautiful carvings of the interior
Dark and uneven stones on the floor which you need to make sure you dont trip over – I love how they still leave it as is as it shows how old and ancient it really is
The altar is the mot=st colourful area of the church
The lighing of candles brings such a beautiful boost of orange and yellow colours to the grey atmosphere
The back of the Church
The inside is very sparse and plain and has that beautiful usual dark stone of the typical armenian church

A beautiful ancient church with the usual dark grey outside and interior has such a spiritual feel to it with ancient energies