Aragatsotn Province

Saghmosavan is a rural little village so it was really nice driving here and looking out towards the buildings and the way the locals live

A beautiful ancient scene!!

Saghmosavank Monastery built in 1221 and is in a beautiful location overlooking a valley. There was a little stream flowing from an aghpur towards the church and infront of it, it was just beautiful! There is a little chapel on the right side of the church

43mins from Yerevan
The interesting gas lines along the village roads
The valley and mountains behind were just beautiful, such a beautiful area where this monastery is
The beautiful entrance of the main church
The little stream flowing infront of the church
The inside of the main church, just so ancient and beautiful and so many areas to confirm
The little chapel at the back
The little details and the love of the people who visit
Writings on the wall
The light beautifully streamed in from the top area in the main church
The lovely ancient paintings on the wall