Arrived at 12.10pm – Paddy met us at airport (1 hour walk along lake and park towards airport) we hadnt seen paddy in 3 years since we cycled Sri Lanka so it was awesome seeing her after so long!

Queenstown is at a latitude of 45 degrees south, only 2 other countries in the world, Chile and Argentina are at the same latitude

Our apartment is off to the right on Frankton Rd

The deepest point of Lake Whakatipu is 380m

It rises and falls 4 inches every 15mins! So interesting how this happens and why

European settlement began in late 1850s and boomed in 1860s during the gold rush

Got an uber to our apartment around 15mins out from the airport. Walked into town along the lake on Frankton track which took around 45mins and had a tutu around in the afternoon

Our accom and the walking track along the lake towards the town centre was a good 45mins
Such beautiful scenic walk
The mountains make it feel like a movie set
Love the trees and the nature around here
The water is beautiful and clear
Our view from the apartment
Beautiful trees in Queenstown park, huge and powerful!
Queenstown city centre map

The bus’were set up for bike riders, so you would just bring down the bike rack at the front of the bus and attach your bike to it – its such an outdoorsy adventure place and set up for it for the locals – the bus did always come late though, sometimes even more than 30mins

The town is small and up and coming so some of the streets were newly tiled or upgrading was taking place
Christmas day the port was quiet, but afterwards hustle bustling every day!
A beautiful hotel building one of the oldest buildings in Queenstown
The line on boxing day at Fergs Burger was NUtS! They were serving everyone in the line glasses of water as it was a hot day!
Kiwi money! So colourful with the native birds on one side
Ppl relaxing on the green near the christmas tree
The cute church in queenstown
Para gliding – gondolas and Luges from the top of the mountain
The gondola Skyline is the steepest in the southern hemisphere
Walking towards the skyline gondolas – $46 return
What a view! It was beautiful up here, the viewing area was crowded with tourists who were in a good mood taking photos and checking out the paragliders
Luge track – you would jump on the ski gondolas that takes you and the luge back up to the top and you drive down again
Paragliding from the mountain top
9pm and sun hasn’t set yet

A really cool hip really active and bubbling town, tourism is the main source of income and there are a lot of ppl from outside who are here to find jobs in tourism, but A LOT of jobs are being advertised, many restaurants and attractions dont have enough employees and you could tell with some of their services

Its a real good point to stay and organise all the activities and adventures! Booking anything seems to be essential in QT including restaurants