Heading back into Devon again WOOHOO! I do really like Devon

Was excited today to see Al and Linda who I hadnt seen for around 7 years since we first all met on a tour in Thailand, it was great to catch up and see some of the awesome places only a local knows best 🙂


A – BIDEFORD – Devon
B – CLOVELLY – Devon
C – WESTWARD HO! (yes, the exclamation mark is meant to be there) – Devon

E – LYNTON – Devon



First settlers here were celts saxons and vikings because of the natural harbour and the ford that once crossed the river

The long bridge was built around 1284 and gave a boost to the town importance

In 1572 sir richard grenville got the town an official port status from the queen and the town started booming

A quick breakfast overlooking the ancient bridge
Lovely old books!



The village, which is built into the wooded sea cliffs of the north Devon shore, has a steep pedestrianised cobbled main street with traditional architecture. Due to the gradients, donkeys (now mostly replaced with sledges) have been used to move goods and cargo from Clovelly Bay

The streets are all cobbled like this the whole way to the port
Cute and original fishermens huts
They each have this crate sled which they use to carry things to their homes
Its like from a movie set!
The tea room
Tea and scones!
The view of the sea from the port
The port at low tide
Al and Linda enjoying the views
The beautiful working port in the Bristol Channel of Clovelly village
The architecture unique to this village, this is the back of the hotel at the port
Pic of the old port in its hey day



Yes, its actually called this! (!)

The village name comes from the title of Charles Kingsley’s novel Westward Ho! (1855), which was set in nearby Bideford. The book was a bestseller, and entrepreneurs saw the opportunity to develop tourism in the area.
The really interesting Westward Ho! Beach which has a mix of sand, small and large pebbles and huge bolders – the tide is way back atm



I really enjoyed Great Torrington! a cute little village where its quiet and has a lot of awesome history!

Linda and Al took me for a little walk and I got to see some awesome views and lush green of the hills and trees and the River Torridge

Taddiport – The amazing views from Great Torrington! really interesting this… Al & Linda told me that this was a leper colony in ancietnt times and those 3 strips of walls used to be around 13 and they were plots of land given to lepers in the 9th c. so they would remain divided from others so they wouldnt spread their sickness – the original day farmers still need to keep those last 3 like this because of its history

There is also a little church there where they say that there are remains of some knights Templars who came through from their crusades in 10th c. and passed by here

Taking the dogs for a walk in Torrington
The Folly Castle in Torrington
Cute marshmallow pink buildings with a lot of history

There were Iron Age and medieval castles and forts in Torrington, located on the Castle Hill – now just a hill fort 😦


Drove for another 45mins to my next accom in Lynton, greeted by this view from my window 🙂