Day started off smoggy and cold and windy but the blue sky did come out eventually! People not out yet until after 10am the streets were quiet until then, coffee and cornish pastry culture here – had a vegan cauliflower and onion cornish pastry with a nice hot coffee – the views of the sea are beautiful!!!

Many people walking around with surfboards and the dress sense sort of reminds me of sydney, bondi

Okok… im noticing it now, im starting to speak “british” im starting to be more prim and proper and saying things like “oh, how lovely!” and “hiya!” and “oh thank you so very much” and “that was lovvvvely.. may I have another?” “Do you mind if…” geez… not very aussie of me! I really do like how prim and proper they are I really like how they all speak here… im just in love with all the different accents!


A – NEWQUAY – Cornwall

F – BIDEFORD – North Devon



A beautiful historic tudor country manor house

Arrived around 11am short 8min drive from Newquay (looks like 30mins when viewed on the map with my aussie brain of everything being far away lol)

Beautiful little back lanes to Trerice

John Arundell V rebuilt Trerice in the 1570s it was around the size of a farmhouse and he developed it with Elizabethan style

The grand hall dates from 1572 but the plaster on the ceiling is a copy of the victorian original
Trerice House from the front
The drawing room – displayed as 19th c. In tudor times this room was only accessible from the kitchen – underneath the floor here is a tunnel which was once a priest hole
The great chamber – this is probably a guest room

John Arundell was born in 1649 and joined the garrison at Pendennis castle by 1680 he was captain lieutenant and deputy governor of the castle

The long gallery – the ceiling is an 1840s replacement using an earlier design and it was much longer than it is now
North Chamber – this room was designed as inspired by descriptions of the Elton family sitting room in 1950-1960s – this room was for day to day use

During the war Trerice was a training centre for the local home guard nicknamed the Choughs after the cornish bird

Beautiful vines growing around intricate stone windows



means “church enclosure of St Hydrock” this parish is centred around the Lanhydrock mansion. It was SO busy! there were so many people with dogs and kids around the line to get a coffee was ridiculous!

This mansion is SO IMPRESSIVE! owned by the Robates family and is 360 acres (cost 17 pounds to get in!) – Thomas James and Juliana – they worked in fuel and then money lending – in 1851 an exposed timber in the kitchen was set in fire and the fire started and destroyed the old house and antiques – much of the manor dates back to victorian times

Thomas’ son then took control and rebuilt the house again, they planned and styled and refit the house in a modern way

25mins drive
The dining room – used for evening dining and large luncheons
The staircase to floor 1
One of the guides let me go up to the top to take a pic of this gorgeous staircase
One of the bedrooms
The Boudoir – a ladys private room shared with her most intimate friends
The drawing room – this is where the ladies “withdraw” when they finish their evening meal while the men stay to enjoy whiskey and cigars
The Morning room – breakfast was served here
The Long Gallery – thsi was the only wing of the house that wasnt touched by the firew- as always the long gallery was used for exercise in the winter months
The ceiling dates back to 17th c and depicts the old testament book of genisis

The kitchen was amazing!! It was a whole building to itself! All done up so you can imagine what it was like back then

The main kitchen where the meat was cooked, was so large and spacious
Where they kept the meata



Bodmin Jail is a historic former prison situated in Bodmin, on the edge of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. Built in 1779 and closed in 1927, a large range of buildings fell into ruin, but parts of the prison have been turned into a tourist attraction

The Bodmin Jail attraciton part of it before you even go into the jail cells area… They do this “scary” recreation of what happens when someone commits a crime and is taken into prison and lucky me… I was the only one in the whole session so I went through this dark passage ways and rooms with lights and screams all on my own! LOL great… but actually to be fair., it was actually really well done and I did enjoy it, I felt like I was living in the medieval times

One of the jail cells in the dark cell block
Children were charged as adults even for the smallest crimes and some even hanged!



Launceston is built on a steep area and really up and down, the castle overlooks the whole town and I love how you can see the castle sticking up behind the cute buildings of the town centre

The main A388 highway runs really close through the town right up to the main gateway and its all narrow roads around that area until you get out of the town centre – used to be a hub of this area now just a quiet sleepy town with an amazing castle ruin
Beautiful sun shining down at around 4:45pm so quite lucky to see this with such beautful colours – a large motte and bailey castle originally built in timber, 11th c.
The south gate of the castle entrance
Launceston main town square, its really pretty with cobbled stone roads
Some unique architecture I saw in some of the buildings here
The church outer face was pretty interesting, the details on the wall were different


North Devon

Checked in at 6:30 later than my usual but I was short on time today

car park was full so I had to go to the overfill one which wasnt too far – it was the old train station car park which is not in operation any more
Dinner at my hotel, it was a fine dining experience and everyone had come to the hotel in suits – so nice to see!

Another awesome day with good weather, cool but still blue skies and sunny, roads were a lot of fun to drive on in cornwall due to the rolling green hills and the A roads which are national speed limit and not too small so you can wizz through them and have heaps of fun!